Radio Stranahan : Off The Air, Live 365 Ickiness

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I tried a week free trial of to get Radio Stranahan up and running again but I’ve decided to take it down. Here’s my laundry list of reason but first BEWARE of Live365’s 7 Day Free Trial.  You have to cancel three busines days before the trial ends or they bill you! That’s a four day trial, bastards.

Why I Pulled Down Radio Stranahan From Live365

  1. Too Expensive
  2. Live365 plays too many commercials – I’m PAYING to broadcast plus there are commercials? Repetitive irritating ones, too – mainly to upgrade as a Live365 “VIP”. No thanks.
  3. Nobody cares what music I play / like / listen to.

On the whole, I should be podcasting. I liked the IDEA of having ‘my own radio station’ but it’s just not working out.

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Cory Doctorow’s Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom

Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom ยป News

Just finished readfing Cory Doctorow’s first novel, which was originally published in 2003 and was the first novel published under the Creative Commons license.

Wow. It’s really great especially for someone like me who 1) likes the fiction of Phillip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut  2) is into stuff like social networking, Second Life, and 3) spent a good chuck of their childhood at Walt Disney World. I want to read Doctorow’s other stuff as soon as I can.

You can go read it for free right now, too.