New Stranahan

My brother Ken and his wife Lindsay have a whole new Stranahan – Eva B. Stranahan was born at 11:59 Monday night and weighs seven pounds, which also makes her the lightest current Stranahan.


I’ve been messing with GuitarPort Online for a couple of days now and I really like it. It’s guitar tips andtricks and tracks and you can also bring up the right ‘tone’ instantlyif you own the appropriate Line 6 product. I’ve learned Blitzkreig Bop(easy) and Cocaine (even easier, really) and clicko presto, I’ve gotthe right sound, too.

There’s all sort of lessons and backing tracks that have no guitar and that you can go through step by step. At a couple of pointsI had to stop to double check it was really me making that sound. Ofcourse, everytime I’d screw up I was also sure it was really me. ButI’ve noticed improvement in just a couple of days and nobody heard mescrew up but me.

Awesome. Wicked Awesome.

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Lauren Gets Her Gravy On

A Gracious Plenty

My lovely and talented wife, a former vegetarian no less, has been making some restaurant quality Southern cuisine lately including a gravy that is highly Roscoe’s like. Impressive and yum! She followed a recipe in John T. Edge’s complilation cookbook and although she thought it wouldn’t be good at all she had faith and her gravy bore fruit and their was much rejoicing!

Music Sweet Music

So I was playing guitar yesterday then pretty much all night and I hadn’t played in a long time and I realized how much I missed playing…just playing guitar or keyboards or anything at all. I’ve had a weird restlessness at night sometimes lately where I wanted to do something but I didn’t have anything specific I wanted to do. I’m doing visual art stuff and computer stuff all day at work and so I come home a little burnt out on that, Just playing around musically may be the thing I’ve been missing.