Tea Party Supported Sen. Tim Scott’s PAC Gave Big To McConnell & Cornyn

Tea Party Supported Sen. Tim Scott’s PAC Gave Big To McConnell & Cornyn

Five years after the birth of the Tea Party, welcome to the sell out.

DanBackerThis is turning into a pattern, it seems. Just like the story that got me fired from Breitbart about The TeaParty.net Leadership Fund, another PAC has given big to establishment Republican Senators John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell.

And predictably by this point, the treasurer is Dan Backer, Esq.


Tim Scott

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) won his Senate seat with explicit support of various Tea Party groups. He won it with the support of Tea Party favorites like Sarah Palin.

Now that he’s in office, Scott seems to have lost his taste for tea.

What else explains why Tim Scott’s Tomorrow Is Meaningful PAC–TIM PAC for short–give $10,000 to McConnell’s campaign? Or $5,000 to Cornyn? Or…even $2,500 to Susan Collins? These are not exactly Tea Party favorites.

Check the expenditure reports at OpenSecrets.org yourself:


That is not a list to warm the heart of any patriotic Tea Party supporter.

Oh, and in case of you were wondering — the The TeaParty.net Leadership Fund that Backer is treasurer of did give Scott a little money; $1,000. In fact, by my calculations five of the seven Senate candidates that The TeaParty.net Leadership Fund gave money to seem to have Dan Backer connections.


Note : All of this assumes that Backer filled out the reports I’m discussing here correctly. It seems that sometimes Backer doesn’t fill out the FEC filings correctly and it’s not my job to constantly check his work. 

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