CORRECTION: Tea Party Donations DID NOT Go To Liberal Rep. David Price (D-NC)

CORRECTION: Tea Party Donations DID NOT Go To Liberal Rep. David Price (D-NC)

Originally  published March 5th; moved because of inaccurate reporting by The Leadership Fund, see below. 

CORRECTION: I just got an email making it clear that The Leadership Fund did NOT intentionally send a donation to liberal congressman David Price.

Due to an error on the part of the The Leadership Fund, a check meant for Georgia congressman Tom Price went to North Carolina congressman David Price.

In reporting this stormy, I had attempted unsuccessfuly to get comment from The Leadership Fund and treasusrer Dan Backer.

Here’s the email from David Price’s office.

Mr. Stranahan,

I read your post (

regarding a contribution from the Tea Party Leadership Fund to Rep. David Price (NC-04) and wanted to correct the record.

Congressman David Price has never received a contribution from the Tea Party Leadership Fund. The $1500 contribution that you reference in your article, was in fact a contribution to Rep. Tom Price (GA-06) that was misreported to the Federal Election Commission by the Tea Party Leadership Fund.  For your reference I am attaching the relevant pages from the January 31 Year End Reports filed by both Rep. Tom Price’s committee, Price for Congress (C00386755), and the Tea Party Leadership Fund.

If you check the Year End Report filed by Rep. Price David Price’s campaign committee (C00195628) on the  FEC website you will see that no contribution from the Tea Party Leadership Fund has been accepted or reported by Congressman David Price.

Below is a message to Dan Backer, Treasurer for the Tea Party Leadership Fund alerting him to the mistake and requesting that a correction be made as soon as possible.  We would also appreciate your making the correction in your story.


Anna Tilghman



I mentioned in my article on how The Leadership Fund donor money went to Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn, the group and their solicit money to ‘support the Tea Party.’

So, how did that money end up in the coffers of Democrat David Price from North Carolina?

It seems as though The Leadership Fund treasurer Dan Backer may know something about that. He’s declined to comment to me, however. He hung up on me, actually.

However, I have a guess.

First, let’s establish that this happened — money from Tea Part donors went to Price. It’s right there on the The Leadership Fund expenditure report:


Ok, that’s clear enough.  The Leadership Fund gave money to David Price.


It turns out that The Leadership Fund treasurer Dan Backer has a case going in front of the Supreme Court called McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission.

If you read my post on how $20,000 of Tea Party donor money went to Cornyn and McConnell, you might remember that Shaun McCutcheon is the Dan Backer client who donated $5,o00 to the In Defense of Free Speech Joint Fundraising Committee.

Let’s follow the money.


I’m sure this is all legal. Lawyers make laws, after all.

If you’d donated, would you have wanted your money to go to Rep. David Price?




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