Why Did Allison LeFer Send $500,000 To The National Right to Work Committee?

Why Did Allison LeFer Send $500,000 To The National Right to Work Committee?
Christian LeFer

Christian LeFer

Try to put yourself in the grand jury’s place. Does what you’re about to see look suspicious?

I’ve written about Christian LeFer, the National Right to Work Committee lobbyist who worked in Colorado and Montana and was involved in election shenanigans there : read this article

I’ve also written about the disturbing way so many of the people involved in the NRTW scandal involved their wives, like disgraced former Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson.

This involvement can lead to legal trouble for the wives, too. Right now up in Montana, Rep. Mike Miller is facing legal trouble and so is his wife, thanks to the involvement of Christian LeFer. LeFer got the Republican and his wife involved in the National Right to Work Committee ‘mail program’ that involved illegal writing, printing and mailing of campaign letters.

In order to try and hide the illegal activity, Christian LeFer set up a front group called Western Traditions Partnership. He manipulated college students with promises that working with him would be good for their resumes and that he’d handle everything.

And of course, Christian LeFer used his wife Allison, too.

Even though Christian LeFer has tried to deny his involvement with Western Traditions Partnership as law enforcement started to look into it, guess who was the signee on the group’s bank account?

If you guessed Christian LeFer, you’re giving him too much credit for personal responsibility.

No, it’s Allison LeFer who’s on the hook according to Western Traditions Partnership’ bank records.

And there were some VERY strange transactions — like the time half a million dollars came into the account from a 501(c)(4) group called Coloradans For Economic Growth…

And then a couple of days later, $500,000 went out to the National Right to Work Committee.

Right now, a grand jury in Montana is weighing evidence. What would you think?

See for yourself.









  1. Can you clarify if the same Grand Jury is investigating both the bribing of Kent Sorenson AND the illegal mailing operation?

    • Grand jury proceeding are secret but I believe all the cards are on the table.


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