Bill Schmalfeldt : Let The Pity Party Begin

I’d like you to listen an excerpt from a recent BlogTalkRadio show that Bill Schmalfeldt–a total stranger who began ‘investigating’ me last year and who I recently filed criminal harassment charges against— did where he spent a good deal of time discussing the death of my daughter last year.

If you don’t know the story; my wife Lauren and I were expecting twins last spring. We lost our daughter Collette. Our son Ezra Andrew was born healthy and happy. (That’s a recent picture of him and he’s crawling up a storm.) This was obviously an incredibly bittersweet experience; losing Collette was unexpected, confusing, and indescribably painful but tempered with the birth of Ezra. Compounding this loss, this all happened almost exactly a month after my close friend Andrew Breitbart suddenly passed away; hence the name Ezra Andrew. It was a very rough month.

While my wife was at the hospital, I was at home watching our other kids, aged 12,10, and 2 at the time. My wife’s mother was in town and she spent days at the hospital with Lauren, both during the birth and during the recovery period afterwards.

Most people were wonderful. I write about politics and I used to be a liberal but after meeting and working with Breitbart, my political thought changed. No matter; many good hearted liberals reached out to me with condolences, both after Andrew and Collette passed.

But not everyone.

Some people chose these deaths to make intentionally cruel remarks. This is unfathomable for most people but it happened. So, while I was at home taking care of our older kids, I did the morning podcast I’d been doing at that time with my friends Brandon and Mandy. During that, someone in the chatroom was literally making fun of me for the death of my daughter, while we were discussing it.

Here’s the audio clip where Bill Schmalfeldt used a segment of my podcast and then comments on it. I mention that someone is mocking my family’s loss, two days after it happens. I think I said it flatly and described what was happening. Listen as Bill Schmalfeldt refersas to my mentioning this as a ‘pity party.’

This gives you some indication of what kind of person Bill Schmalfeldt is.

First, Ezra was still at the hospital. I was up early to do the podcast. My kids were asleep.

Second, if mentioning that someone was making fun of me when they were doing that, in real time, is ‘milking the emotions of my stupid followers’, then I guess I’m guilty.

Remember; Bill Schmalfeldt is a complete stranger to me.  I had never heard of him untul last year. This is how he talks about me, my family…and if you’re reading this, it’s how he talks about you, too.

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  1. This is horrendous. Absolutely disgusting. I’m not a fan of yours, Lee, and you know that. But you have my condolences for the loss of your Collette. How anyone could take someone seriously when they are attacking your families grief for some cheap shots. Karma’s a bitch and Karma doesn’t like sick people dancing on the graves of babies.

    Just so you know, I too have lost a child. I know what that does to a family. I’m sorry you and yours are having to deal with that and with this piece of hog shit adding into that. Pitiful. Good luck, Lee.


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