Bill Schmalfeldt Lies & Bill Schmalfeldt Proves It

One of Bill Schmalfeldt’s repeated dishonest smears is that I ‘shot porn in my home studio where we homeschooled our kids.’ He’s made this claim repeatedly and it’s false.

And this shows the utter pointless of answering questions of Bill Schmalfeldt — he doesn’t care about the truth. His goal isn’t journalism, it’s harassment. Watch what happens when he’s corrected.

Bill Schmalfeldt has used this ‘shot porn in my home studio with children present’ lie to justify calling child protective services on me. This is a post he wrote called Lee Stranahan’s Feral Children.

I admit, I am just one person looking in from the outside. But given the fact that these “home-schooled” kids were in the “home” with the “home studio” where Lee and Lauren performed their “art” involving Lauren (Mommy!) having sex with strangers — might not a visit from Child Protective Services be in order? Just a quick drop by to see if everything’s OK?

In this piece of harassment called Why I reported Stranahan to the Texas DFPS, Bill Schmalfeldt once again uses this as justification for reporting me in an attempt to get my children taken from me.:

I know that Lee used to offer his wife’s sexual services to strangers, either to pose with her in their home studio for $299, or for her to “personally deliver” prints for a two-hour session for $650. I know they home school their children, so I know there were photographic sessions going on in the home while the kids were there.

Here it is again in an article called More Information for Dallas District Attorney about Lee Stranahan’s alleged History of raising money under false pretenses

Here’s what is true. I shot fine art erotica 10-15 years ago, a fact I’ve never hidden. I sold prints. The shoots were non-exploitative, work for photo trades; people posed and got prints in exchange. At one point, I offered paid, private photo sessions as a service but never had one client for that. Any vile implication otherwise about this is completely false.

And when Lauren and I lived in Austin and had kids that we were homeschooling, I had a separate studio a few miles from our home at the Guadalupe Arts Center.

So when Schmalfeldt says he ‘knows’ something, he knows nothing of the sort. Simply put : he lies. It’s part of a course of conduct designed to embarrass, intimidate and harass me.

And it’s POINTLESS to correct him.

For example, last night I tweeted a link to the (now closed) Guadalupe Arts Center:

Note: it’s the Guadalupe Arts Center, where I had studio space among the other artists there; sculptors, painters, craftspeople and so on.

Did Bill Schmalfeldt retract this repeated and vile lies about me, my work and my family? No, of course. He accused me of lying.

But here’s the thing : “journalist” Bill Schmalfeldt already knew about the Guadalupe Arts Center address.

He posted it on his own blog.

He even posted a photo of it.

Look – it’s on his article And Now, A New Feature WE Like To Call… ‘WAYS TO LEARN LEE STRANAHAN’S ADDRESS WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME!”


And if he Googled that 1705 Guadalupe Address it clearly shows the Guadalupe Arts Center.


Bill Schmalfeldt is not a journalist. He’s not even a bad journalist. He’s a smear merchant who was engaged in a course of conduct designed to harass, intimidate and humiliate me without legal purpose.

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  1. Glad I preemptively blocked this cretin when I first joined Twitter. This kind of crap is extra lulzy coming from moonbats who regularly screech about how a woman’s sexuality is her own business, how ‘sex workers’ should be protected and 13 year olds should have the ability to get an abortion without parental knowledge or consent. Truth, like everything else, is completely subjective to libtards and subject to change according to how it can be used as a political bargaining chip or a weapon. Obsessing over your wife is sure to create jobs, balance the budget, feed the poor and stop rapists. Only on planet libtard. Schmaltzy clearly wants everyone else to be as miserable and bitter as he so obviously is. Hope you sue his sorry ass and win.


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