Bye Bye Breitbart : I Quit And Thanks

After nearly three years of breaking major stories on topics ranging from the Pigford black farmers scandal to immigration reform to Occupy Wall Street, I resigned from Breitbart News last night.

Thanks to my friends and colleagues  who supported me in my time at and thanks to Steve Bannon and Larry Solov.  I appreciate having had the chance to do great work and wish the site continued future success.

I came to Breitbart News after interviewing Andrew Breitbart. Even though I was liberal at the time and writing for the Huffington Post, Andrew and I struck up a friendship that quickly turned into a working relationship on the Pigford story that would be vindicated by a front page New York Times story that came out, tragically, about a year after we lost Andrew.

After Andrew left, of course, things were never the same. How could they be? But the site that still bears his name grew and did a lot of good work. I’m certainly proud of every piece I wrote there. Stephen K. Bannon’s film Occupy Unmasked, which is co-narrated by Andrew and me and features friends like Brandon Darby and Mandy Nagy, stands as a permanent record of some of the stories we broke.

When Andrew left, I also realized that the 18 months I’d known him had changed my political views. I went from liberal to conservative. Despite leaving Breitbart News, I hope to carry on the traditions of brave journalism and growing the big tent of conservatism by focusing on honest and effective messaging, art and culture.

Why did I quit? Circumstances led to a situation where I felt  I couldn’t do my best work there.  Honestly, it’s for reasons I believe Andrew would have approved of. Andrew and I shared a passion for covering big stories that the media overlooked and exposing the left; work that I plan to continue.

I didn’t leave for another job but I’m open to whatever new opportunities lie ahead, including my own projects. Leaping without a net is something I’ve done before and I expect this jump to be just as exhilarating.

The immediate next step is that I’m about to fly 8,000 miles across the globe to cover the biggest untold story in the world right now. In a few hours, I’m boarding a plane for the Middle East to report on the plight of the Syrian Christian refugees. I’ll certainly keep you up to day as the story progresses. My focus right now is to get to the Middle East and start the work of reporting; this is a project that was funded by people like you and any continued support at this time is appreciated.


  1. Be Safe in your next adventure!

  2. God will bless you and your work – best wishes!

  3. Be careful, these are dangerous waters you’re swimming in.

  4. Godspeed.

  5. Watch your six

  6. Travel safe and be very careful… We will be holding the ‘Light’ for you here back at home…. Thank you!!

  7. GOD Bless you so very much for all the work you have done ; and I hope and pray that HE will continue to keep you safe and protect you on your continued journey. Take very good care, please.

  8. A great and salient subject…the mainstream press and progressive democrats (Obama and Jarrett) do not want exposed… Christians being slaughtered by those being supported by CIA/Obama…

    and safe…

  9. Maria: God Bless, always report the truth and stay up your ideals. Be safe.

  10. Best of luck in your new endeavor, Lee!! Thanks for all the great work you’ve done and will do in the future. And most importantly, BE SAFE!

  11. wrongheifer says:

    If you can send the TRUTH back to America… we will share it everywhere! Thank you…
    Breitbart Lives!

  12. luanne haynes says:

    God bless you sir…the Lord be with you and protect you as you do His work.

  13. Godspeed Lee.

  14. Rhonda Morgan says:

    thanks for all you have done and praying for your safety

  15. Thank you for risking your life to tell their story. May God bless you and keep you.

  16. I’ve always felt lost its cutting edge reporting after Andrew’s departure. It’s never been the same. I wish you well and I hope you will bring that edge back in your reporting. God bless and protect you.

  17. Godspeed, Lee!

  18. Great Lake State says:

    Such a fan. God bless you for reporting on the Christians plight in the Middle east. The persecution, displacement and massacre of Christians in the Arab world is the most important, most under-reported story in the last fifty years. Keep up the good work and thank you!!!

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