Defund Obamacare Tour: Photos, Audio & Video

Defund Obamacare Tour: Photos, Audio & Video

Heritage Action is a Defund Obamacare tour and the second stop was Dallas on Tuesday night. The event features Sen. Ted Cruz, Cruz’s father Rafael Cruz and former former Sen. and head of Heritage Jim DeMint. I discuss the Defund Obamacare event on Radio Stranahan, too.

The Dallas Morning News dishonestly reported the turnout for the Heritage Action event to Defund Obamacare that happened at the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas, Texas Tuesday night. Not only does their headline Hundreds in Dallas join Sen. Ted Cruz to urge Congress to stop Affordable Care Act suggest the event was attended by a few hundred people, but newspaper’s website included a slide show of 11 photos; not a single one was a wide shot that actually showed the whole crowd. I was there; it was about 2,000 people, not hundreds.0

Here’s the complete audio of Senator Ted Cruz’s press conference before the event, discussing how and why he wants to defund Obamacare.

Rafael Cruz introduced Ted Cruz to a standing ovation.

Here’s the first woman who disrupted the event:

Then, another man disrupted the event so I knew it was a trend. Security asked him to leave and I followed and then interviewed him in the parking lot. No other reporters even followed. Turns out he was with Texas Organizing Project, which is the group Texas ACORN reformed — a lot of conservative sites covered this transformation but in case you want balance, here’s a left wing site talking about ACORN and their ‘rebirth.’

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