Gee, Another Post

That nap let me rest enough to stay up late, I guess. Here I am at nearly 11:30pm. How gr’up of me!

I’d been laying down with the kids for a while and I thought I might go to sleep about nine o’clock. I guess I’m still having creativity pangs, because I was restless. I skulked out at about 9:30 to take some pictures of the retro / neon / icons around Burbank.

I packed up my tripod, camera, and got all dressed again to go out. I only got two pictures before the camera gave me problems. The light on the back of camera was blinking like it does when it saves a picture, but it kept on blinking for about a minute. Don’t know how much you know about photography, but that ain’t good. I took that as a sign to pack up again and go back home.

I did get one picture – the second one didn’t save.

Safari Inn

I’ve been flipping around Neil Peart’s book Traveling Music and I’m reading it at the right time in my life. A couple of good and interesting thoughts about Ayn Rand amid the main point of the book, which is a bit of autobiography woven with a story about a road trip and music he likes. I’ll write more about it later and it also occured to me I need to write the story of how Neil threw me off his lawn twenty or so years ago.

Traveling Music : The Soundtrack to My Life and Times

Saturday No Big Deal Erranding

It’s the weekend. Yay. For a long time – like around 15 years – I was more or less self employed and the weekend really didn’t matter much to me. It was something other people did. For me, I worked on weekend or weekdays or took time off or whatever.

Now, I’ve had been working ‘normal job’ hours for 18 months or so. Hello, weekend. I have a few errands to do, so I did ’em. Some stuff related to the New World Order in the living room and trying to get things to work. We went to Fry’s fairly early and then the Italian grocery near here. I made some pasta with the meatballs and hot sausage with fennel that they make at the store. I can nap, so I did. I woke up and went out again.

I mailed two postcards to people from PostCardX, which is a site where you send strangers some art. I took a couple of my photos and fancied up the edges with craft scissors. That was fun. I sent a check to the L.A. County D.A. That was less fun. Jack and I got Lauren a latte at The Coffee Bean.

Jack At The Coffee Bean

Exclusive Interview: Blackjack

I mentioned this cool audio plug-in for WordPress in an earlier post, but I didn’t have any content ready to show it off…until now.

This is me interviewing my youngest son, Blackjack Neal Stranahan, on Christmas Eve 2005. We love the way he talks even if we don’t understand him some of the time. We’ll be a little sadder when he talks more ‘normally’ someday.



When I brought Olivia home from school earlier in the day, I could see that our behemoth of a TV was missig from the window. I told Olivia my theory before went upstairs and I turned out to be right -Lauren had completely rearranged our living room. She was in the middle of a huff and puff, since she’d moved all the heavy furniture herself. It really opens up the room and makes it feel very big.

Some experts say that rearranging a room is sign of some internal mental shift, too. Some other experts say that the first group of experts should just shut up.

UFOs Over Burbank

We went out last night to run a couple of errands and they were filming down the street. Those lights are probably 40 feet across. Giant Chinese lanterns floating in the sky at the end of our block.