More genius from Al – Dylan Palindromes. Found it from a link in a Slate article…

When Weird Al’s “White & Nerdy” MC spits out lyrics, he scowls as menacingly as a grown man with braces possibly can—and that nerd sneer is the essence of Yankovic’s comedy. His quintessential joke is to transfer the bravado and intensity of rap (or rock, or punk) into the mouth of some iconically unhip figure (rabbi, Amish, nerd), who then declares his unhipness forcefully over the song’s monster riffs and deep beats. Weird Al is a cultural ventriloquist: He makes dorks speak fluently in the language of cool.

Twenty-five years of “Weird Al” Yankovic. – By Sam Anderson – Slate Magazine

Or he’s just fucking funny…


Get The Money Out Of Politics

Our political problems in America are systemic; the nexus of money and elections and re-elections. The best solution seems to be public funding of elections. This preview of a PBS show is a great little look at how things work in Arizona. We really need this reform nationwide, as soon as possible.