Jury Duty

On Friday, I went in to do the jury duty thing for the first time. I did the first part, which isn’t even where you’re actually picked to sit on a jury. It’s a big boring process where you sit there with a couple of hundred other people until they call you to be interviewed to see if you might possibily be picked to sit on a jury. I’m going back next week to see if I’m picked and if I am we were warned it could be a long trial. Of course, I’m not allowed to talk about it when it’s happening but I don’t know anything at all now except I might be picked. Maybe.

Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

Next up is Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada, which I really enjoyed. It’s the story of border patrol agent in Texas who is forced to deal with the consequences of his actions and that’s really all I’m going to explain by way of the plot. I knew nothing about the movie when I started watching it and it was probably better that way. It was directed and starred Tommy Lee Jones and who knew that Jones has David Lynch and The Coen Brothers fighting it out in his soul? There were plenty of weird character touches and black humor that had me giggling. Great performance by Barry Pepper and an almost unrecognizable Levon Helm and Dwight Yoakum. It fell apart a little for me at the very end but maybe I missed something.

Week Off, Zathura

I have the week off but I don’t really have the money to do much of anything so there’s a lot of napping and tv watching and of course firing up The Google. Plus, it’s chilly. You may be in own of those places buried under nine feet of snow but it’s 62 degrees in Burbank right now and it’s windy – brrrrr!

One thing I’ve been doing is watching movies. During the workweek I’m usually too tired and not that interested. This week, lots of time.
Zathura (Widescreen Edition)

Watched Zarthura with all the kids. They all liked it – Jack and Olivia laughed a lot and sat through the whole thing which is unusual for a non-cartoon. I liked it, too although I didn’t really dig the plot twist at the end which I won’t spoil. But I liked it, too – didn’t talk down to kids or wink at adults. The story was just what it was and it was visually cool, fun, and imaginative.

Xmas 2006

Blackjack And His New Light Saber

It was a good Christmas, all in all. We were done with shopping weeks ago and we didn’t do a crazy big meal, just a nice steak and baked potato thing. The kids liked their presents – Jack got Star Wars stuff, Olivia some Barbie stuff that let her dye her hair with green streaks so she looked like an 80s pop star, Shane got some fun personal electronics, and Lauren got the oddly prescient Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure.

Dey Love Der Mama!

Olivia was up around 6am, because she loves Christmas the most. Just ask her!