Ejected Pastor Walked Around Homeless Man

This is just fascinating to me. Actual Christianity vs. what’s passed for Christianity in the past few decades.

Reverend James Dysart, a visiting pastor from North Carolina, was ejected this morning from DairyLand Lutheran Seminary in Madison.

“Yes, we had the campus police remove James Dysart,” said Pam Goodly, a campus spokesperson.

“I just can’t bring myself to call him Reverend after what I witnessed.”

Dysart was ejected for failing to minister to the poor.“We were all quite excited to have him visit,” said Goodly. “We use his books in several of our courses. His third book, Walkin’ in Jesus’ Footsteps, was my favorite. So, a few of us had gathered at the gate to welcome him and that’s when we saw it.”

Goodly paused to collect herself.

“Yes, we saw him walk around a homeless person who had fallen. Jesus wouldn’t do that. Jesus served the poor. Why, I think He preferred the poor. It says in Matthew, ‘Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the Earth.’ And, of course, there’s the Golden Rule. So, we had to ask Mr. Dysart to leave. It says in James that ‘faith without works is dead.’ We can’t have a man of dead faith preaching to our students.

”The campus police became involved after Dysart protested and refused to leave.

Goodly said, “We quietly asked him to leave, but he wouldn’t. He said he wanted his honorarium. Of course, we couldn’t honor him; not after seeing him step around that poor man. To honor him would have dishonored Jesus. Then Mr. Dysart started to sputter about how filthy that man was and how he could see that the man was okay anyway. Of course, Jesus ministered to dirty people. I even suspect that Jesus was a dirty man. I suspect he looked a lot more like that homeless man than Mr. Dysart, with his gold rings and shining hair. After all, they didn’t have showers back in Jesus’ time. And why did Mr. Dysart say that he knew the man was okay? Jesus can look into a man and know what he needs, but not Mr. Dysart. Anyway, Mr. Dysart started calling us ‘crazy’ and that’s when we summoned security.”

The Raw Story | Pastor Tossed

McCain’s Slow Sad Retreat Into Insanity Continues

During an interview on “The Situation Room” this afternoon, John McCain told Wolf that he needs to “get up to speed” and stop reporting three-month-old news from Iraq. According to McCain, the surge is working! and the streets of Baghdad are safe for Americans to go strolling down. The only problem? Michael Ware, who is, ya know, in Baghdad, says McCain hasn’t a clue…

“Honestly, Wolf, you’ll barely last twenty minutes out there. I dont know what part of Neverland Senator McCain is talking about when he says we can go strolling in Baghdad.”

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The Squid And The Whale

The Squid and the Whale (Special Edition)

Once I saw the final credits of The Squid And The Whale and noticed that Wes Anderson was one of the film’s producers, it all made sense to. Anderson’s films like The Royal Tannenbaums have a unique pace and feel that is very similiar to the slightly odd version of reality that The Squid And The Whale has. It’s not exactly the same universe, but it’s the universe next door.

It’s quirky. Quirky is a phrase that gets used a lot but I gotta call ’em like I see ’em. It’s a quirk tale of a divorce of two writer / intellectuals with two boys in their teens in late 1980s New York. Having been through a quirky divorce myself, a lot of it was kind of uncomfortable for me. Lots of unexpected stuff in the film for me, so I won’t spoil it for you, either. I laughed out loud a few times so I think that means it’s a comedy. If you like interesting films, you’ll probably like this one.

Why These People Need To Testify Under Oath

Here’s Alberto Gonzales on March 13th.

QUESTION: How could your chief of staff be working closely with the President on which U.S. attorneys to be let go and you not know the specifics?

ATTORNEY GENERAL GONZALES: Well, again, as — I accept responsibility for everything that happens here within this department. But when you have 110,000 people working in the department obviously there are going to be decisions that I’m not aware of in real time. Many decisions are delegated. We have people who were confirmed by the Senate who, by statute, have been delegated authority to make decisions. Mr. Sampson was charged with directing the process to ascertain who were weak performers, where we could do better in districts around the country. That is a responsibility that he had during the transition. We worked with respect to U.S. attorneys and presidential personnel at the White House. That was the role that he had when he was in the counsel’s office. That was the role that he had when he was at the Department of Justice under General Ashcroft and so naturally when questions came up with respect to the evaluation of performances of U.S. Attorneys it would be Kyle Sampson who would drive that effort.

Transcript of Media Availability With Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales

It’s a department of over 100,000 people. Kyle Sampson was assigned the job,. Sure sounds like Alberto didn’t know anything about it, right?

Now it turns out, of course – he authorized it.