My Obama In :30 Entry is having a contest to do an ad for Obama that’s thirty seconds. I’ve been flailing about for like three weeks trying to come up with a concept and I just fucking hated every idea I had. All very typical – kids, the future, and so on. The deadline just passed four minutes ago. I had a bad cough all day, I think my read is weak in some places and I threw together the edit in twenty minutes after going out to drop off my taxes. I came up with an idea today and this is it. It’s really raw but it’s also really honest and so for that reason, I’m proud of it.

War On Greed: Larry The Loophole

Here’s the video I co-produced for Brave New Films, with great character design and main illustrations by Kirk Anderson, additional illustrations by Patrick Bobllio and lip sync animation by Dave Ciaccio. The awesome voiceover is by Alan Berhoft. I did a bunch of stuff on it – concept, co-scripted, edited, animated and things like that. Thanks to Brave New Film’s Paris and Leda for all their hard work on this, too. It’s supposed to get a big rollout next week.

This is the piece that was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times article last week.

Hey Filmmakers! Got $13,000?

Sony announced the latest camera in the XDCAM EX line, one year after the PMW-EX1 was introduced, the PMW-EX3. Like the EX1, the camera sports three 1/2 inch CCDs with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) for maximum image quality. Unlike the EX1, the lens that comes with the EX3 can be detached and different lenses can be used. Interchangeable lens features are a must for many cinematographers.

The camera rests easily on the shoulder for ENG, live production or event use. With native 24p (23.98 fps), this is also an affordable digital cinema camera for filmmakers looking to shoot high quality movies without spending too much money

Sony announces PMW-EX3 camcorder at NAB 2008 – BroadcastNewsroom

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