Update : Improv Class

Taught my first improv class in Albuqerque on Thursday night and it was great – 10 very talented people, all of whom happened to be women this go ‘round. Age range was 14 to 50s, some experienced and some had never improvisted before…really great work done by all.

We’re going to start doing them every Thursday, in part due to feedback like this ; a letter one of the students sent to her friends.

Just wanted to let you all know about this greatimprov class I went to tonight.  I met the instructor, Lee, through the IndieQ meetings. 


The class had a nice structure; unlike most of the acting coaches I have seen locally, Lee actually knows and articulates the "rules" of improv (followed by the classic improv groups like Second City and the show Who’s Line is it Anyway).  That being said, it’s also totally laid-back and comfortable. And for $20 per 3 hour class, probably one of the best deals going in Abq right now for actor training.


I hope to be able to work with you at upcoming classes!  Lee is planning on holding these every Thursday at 6:30.  You need to email him if you want to register for a class.  His info is below.  And if any of you read The Huff, you’ll know Lee has a great personality.


BTW- I’m not getting anything for sending this out.  Just like to share good things when I find them 🙂





More info on the classes right here….

50 Years Ago

Take twenty minutes and watch this amazing interview with Rod Serling from 1959. It’s pre-Twilight Zone and the topics are censorship, TV writing, and other issues that are still in play today.



Rod Serling was a Unitarian Universalist, by the way.