Palin Speechwriter On Civility

Sarah Palin confuses the White House…

"I don’t even know where to begin," said one top-ranking official, when asked about Palin’s remarks that the president was creating a "death panel" that would determine whether to euthanize the sick. "I mean. I re-read the House bill this weekend. I don’t even know what she is talking about."

But as her speechwriter Dan Tubagoo explains in his latest video….she’s got them right where she wants them!


Are you getting discouraged?

I’ll be honest. It’s been a tough few days for my morale on health insurance reform.

First, word of Rahm Emanuel’s ‘don’t attack Democrats’ dictum came out on Friday. Then, word that the Obama administration had been party to a closed door deal with big Pharma.

And right now I’m not sure what the White House really wants? Real health care reform or watered down co-ops that they will call health care reform.

The Huffington Post has a bunch of video clips of Candidate Obama saying thing like…

"First, we’ll take on the drug and insurance companies and hold them accountable for the prices they charge and the harm they cause… And then we’ll tell the pharmaceutical companies, ‘Thanks but no thanks for overpriced drugs’. Drugs that cost twice as much here as they do in Europe and Canada and Mexico. We’ll let Medicare negotiate for lower prices. We’ll stop drug companies from blocking generic drugs that are just as effective and far less expensive. We’ll allow the safe reimportation of low-cost drugs from countries like Canada."

I don’t feel the battle for reform is over but I’m very worried that the Obama administration hasn’t done what Candidate Obama promised us in leading the charge for health care reform – including negotiating on C-SPAN.

How do YOU feel?

Learning, Me & Comics

Unschooling or home schooling didn’t really exist as cultural forcet when I was growing up but my own personal educational backgrounds was pretty weird after middle school.
I took lot of college classes starting at age 14, dropped out of public school to attend college at age 15 then dropped out of college to study philosophy on my own and then back to a private high school where there were two students.

Which is kinda sorta as close an approximation to unschooling as you could get in those olden days of the early 1980s.

I mention this because I learned computer programming at age 13 on a TRS-80 computer with a manual that was basically a comic. It was fun and made it seem easy and not intimidating.

And I mention THAT because this book looks cool – learning about electricity through Japanese style comics…