Taste My Brain Episode 001

or Neil Peart Throws Me Off His Lawn

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My Long Amanda Palmer Interview Thing

Come For The Tits, Stay For The Music!

I’m going to be writing a piece for HuffPost about Amanda Palmer’s upcoming album Amanda Palmer Plays The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele. You can listen to the Idioteque single here.

So my goal was to interview her and cut down the interview into a nice five minute chunk but I ended up recording about 45 minutes of stuff and I’m just posting almost the whole thing here, without almost any editing at all. I’m still planning to cut the interview down for HuffPost but if you’re an AFP fan or a fan of listening to me blather on, this is gold!

We talk about the album, how to make a cover record, how to get the legal right to use an Amanda Palmer quote on your butt cheek, AFP’s labia, Kevin Smith, Neil Gaiman, The Jonas Brothers. Thomas Dolby, the right way to pronounce ‘Declan’, where to get a coconut bra, middle class rock stars and much more.

Downloadable MP3

And here’s Amanda doing her rock star thing…