Krugman Embraces Stupid 99% Meme

One of the core beliefs of the Occupy movement – the idea of the 99% vs. the 1% — is not only laughable on its face but has been picked up and expanded on by lauded liberals like economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. There are a few different ways to judge the Occupy movement. You can look at the Who; the people in leadership positions for the “leaderless” movement  like Lisa Fithian or Muhammed Malik. You could examine the What; as of this writing, the 350 or so incidents of violence, sexual assault, and property destruction.

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Your Moment of 1% : The 2012 Porsche 911

Oh, that’s a successmobile. The kind of car that makes you want to bring James Dean back to life just so he can die that Porsche this time.

The bottom line from Popular Science…

Yep, best 911 ever. The new 991 is larger, faster, sportier, more efficient, and basically makes the last generation look as outdated as a four-button ventless suit with double-pleated pants. We loved the drive of the new version and feel it is the telos of the 911 model range. With its near-perfect blend of style, speed and technology, it’s a surefire winner. Until the next all-new 911 comes out and starts the cycle anew.

I’m Back

Sorry for the hiatus – between the travel to northern California and the reality that we’re having twins in 3 months (yes, three months) I needed t a little break over the Thanksgiving weekend. I’ve been reading – Steve Jobs bio and the new Stephen King book. Booth good. And rejiggering various plans. Back to blogging and a ton of things, in earnest.