@Shoq Saga Part 2: Matt Osborne Lies For Matt Edelstein

I’m going to be blunt here.

Matt Osborne aka @OsborneInk knew that @Shoq had made an illegal recording  of a phone call with #StopRush infiltrator “Randy Hahn”.

And he wrote article after article to cover it up. Here’s one example from his blog in late June: 

Lest anyone think I am simply deflecting here, I remind the reader that Taylor himself is the most likely suspect to have recorded anyone, most likely while enacting his hoax. Should Brandon Darby decide to bring his allegations to legitimate authorities rather than play schoolyard bully with Taylor’s victims, I suspect any “proof” he offers will once again back up the hypothesis that Darby, Stranahan, Bayne, and other right wing bloggers were thick as thieves with Taylor months ago.

Please note this sentence again because it’s a total lie :  “I remind the reader that Taylor himself is the most likely suspect to have recorded anyone, most likely while enacting his hoax”
I can’t think of a worse blogging sin then directly lying to your readers about something. Matt KNEW that @Shoq had recorded that call. Knew it for a fact. Matt helped @Shoq cover it up.
There are emails to prove all this, by the way.

The @Shoq Saga Part 1 : Personalities

It seems like a lot of things are about to break in regards to liberal Twitter personality @Shoq.

But let’s establish something up front : even in politics sometimes people’s disagreements are not about ideology.

This is an idea that I touch on in an essay I wrote a few months ago about @Shoq and @BrooksBayne. Some people who are engaged in political fighting like to pretend that disagreements are all about ideology. So if you oppose them, they can come back and say that you were somehow a trader or a fake or not ideologically pure.

This is a total load of crap.

Sometimes, disagreements are nothing more than that people don’t like other people’s personalities. This is true, of course, about everybody everywhere. Some people simply don’t like other people. They may share an ideology. They may share a belief system. They may even be in the same organization. None of that matters; they just don’t like each other.

There are people coming out of the woodwork on the left who don’t like @Shoq.

They are liberals. On paper, they would agree with almost everything that @Shoq agrees with.

However, ideology isn’t everything. There are liberals who don’t like @Shoq. Personally. It has nothing to do with ideas. They don’t like him because he has a history of bullying and threatening people around him, especially women.

If you have not heard the phone call where @Shoq leaves a threatening voice mail to it online girlfriend of his, here it is. Listen to it.

The primary issue with that voicemail is not name-calling. The issue isn’t even the crazy rage that he exhibits. The issues that he’s threatening and he blames this woman for making him act that way.

@Shoq knows that one defense she has to this is to create an ideological purity test and try to say that anybody calling him out on his clearly awful behavior is some sort of trainer. Of course he doesn’t do this himself; he uses the craven and cowardly technique of using a woman to make this argument for him. In this case it is @Karoli.

And you can see, sure enough, @Karoli wants to derail it from a discussion of the issue that people have with @Shoq; his threatening behavior towards women.

So a witch hunt is about to begin, all in order to protect @Shoq’s ego.

Catch-up Catch-all

How can I update everything that’s been going on the past few weeks?

I can’t, really.

Covered the RNC and the DNC. Occupy Unmasked opens at theaters on Friday.

There’s been some threats and intimidation. Lots of other weirdness and some of it is related to my coverage of Kimberlin and @Shoq. I did a Poccast that revealed a lot of what’s been going on behind the scenes for the past several months. Here’s that:

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