Two New Stories: Obama & Katrina, Romney & Garbage

I have a couple of new pieces out today on First, I uncovered a video of Obama speaking at Harvard in 2005 about race and Katrina that also rated a story in The Daily Caller by Vince Coglianese. This all comes on the heels of the Caller’s 2007 video revelation yesterday. Brandon Darby and I also talked about the 2005 speech on our podcast a few months ago.

I also had a story about a embarrassingly deceptive anti-Romney ad. It involves the burning question of whether you should hug your garbageman.  The ad was so stupid that even Current TV’s The Young Turks made fun of it.

WATCH! Self-Driving Cars: Almost Viable & Legal

Oh, I love this idea. I have severe vision problems related to my diabetes and I can’t drive. It’s no fun. Technology is amazing. No we don’t all wear jetpacks yet, but sometimes it’s clear we live in the future.

NPR Reports:

Google’s self-driving robotic cars have been on the roads in California for two years, but they have been operating in a legal limbo. These cars were not explicitly forbidden, but laws governing self-driving vehicles didn’t exist.

Last week, that changed when California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that cleared a path for these robots to become street legal. It’s a big boost for the technology, but there are obstacles to overcome before self-driving cars are cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard.

When I went for a ride in Google’s self-driving, robotic car last winter, there were still a few things these robots couldn’t do — like reverse.