Thoughts On Boston: Don’t Look Away

Thoughts On Boston: Don’t Look Away

Both explosions took place over a span of ten seconds, the debris bursting up and out onto Boylston Street, tearing flesh from bone and shaking the flags that lined the marathon runner’s route. The smoke took minutes to rise from the screaming blood stained sidewalk and dissipate into the springtime air. The chaotic rapid rush of information and images and investigations took just hours to push out in waves around the world. Today the implications of what happened April 15h near the finish line of the Boston Marathon are only beginning to manifest before we’ve been able to fix a firm count on who we’ve lost.

The day after the atrocity in Boston and we do not yet know the bomb maker’s name yet but each of us can see their intent clearly, if we have the strength to look.

The bombs were meant not just to kill but also to maim, packed with ball bearings and nails and delivered at ground level where they would rip off the legs and limbs of people watching the runners run. The horrors were designed to destroy the middle-class comforts of Copley Square, the seafood restaurant and the Starbucks and the Crate and Barrel furniture store. The mayhem was meant to forever ruin the lives of the spectators who brought their children out on Patriot’s Day as well as the lives of everyone else in America, to make all of us think twice the next time we thought about going anywhere and doing anything.

Do not stop yourself from seeing what actually happened yesterday in the United States and to the United States. Look and let yourself feel. The sickening aversion is your humanity. The sadness is your love. The anger is your sense of justice.

Remembering these things will be up to you alone. The politicians and pundits will want to lull you back to the world before the bombs and it’s an easy lure, the siren’s song of everyday life where there aren’t people who use kitchen and hardware store items to make bombs that kill children on a sunny April day.

For the sake of tomorrow, do not look away today.

My Everybody Blog About The Howard County State’s Attorney Post

My Everybody Blog About The Howard County State’s Attorney Post

Here’s my contribution to this project:

Part one is all a quote from Popehat talking about a woman named Crystal Cox.

This is about the difference between journalism and not journalism.

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about blogger and “investigative journalist” Crystal Cox: when she got angry at First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza, she didn’t just register the domains and and in order to attack him. She and — the names of Randazza’s wife and three-year-old daughter.

That’s Crystal Cox in a nutshell — an appropriate receptacle.

You’ve probably heard of Crystal Cox before, even if you don’t remember the name. Last December, the media and the blogosphere were full of stories about how a federal judge in Oregon had ruled that “bloggers are not journalists” and declined to extend to her various statutory defenses available to the press, leading to a $2.5 million defamation judgment against her. She was hailed as a champion of free speech and a victim of a backwards and technophobic judiciary.

The truth, as is often the case, was a little more complicated. Remember: the first thing you need to know is that blogger and “investigative journalist” Crystal Cox is the sort of person who registers domains in the name of the three-year-old daughters of her enemies.

A few journalists probed further. Kashmir Hill and Forbes and David Carr at the New York Times looked beyond the narrative. They turned over a rock, and what they found was unpleasant.

Part Two is about what ‘proving information’ actually means on the statutes in Maryland, according to this Yahoo post. It’s not about the potential harasser providing information to OTHER PEOPLE, such as on a blog; it’s about whether that person has a lawful reason to contact THE RECEIVER of the that contact, such as providing information to THEM.

“Harassment” that constitutes a criminal offense in Maryland takes several forms, and is covered under Title 3-801-806.

The general crime of harassment is broad, and means follow another in or about a public place or maliciously engage in a course of conduct that alarms or seriously annoys the other without a lawful reason and with the intent to annoy or alarm that person. The law makes an exception for providing information (like a sales rep wanting to tell you about a product) or expressing a political view (soap-boxing on a city street)

Harassment by both phone and e-mail is also illegal.

Part the three. This is what Maryland passed last year:

Current Maryland law prohibits using email to harass someone and requires the harassing material be sent to an electronic address unique to the victim.

The legislation expands that standard to all types of communication using a computer or another electronic device. Under the bill, communication or data also does not need to be sent directly to a victim to qualify as harassment.

The bill contains a penalty of up to one year in prison or a maximum fine of $500.

I still fail to understand a logical, legal reason that the harassment action wasn’t pursued against Bill Schmalfeldt, the man who harassed my family for months.

Want A Job? Be The Right Kind Of Terrorist

Note: this is an excerpt from a much longer and very detailed piece I have coming at Breitbart News. 

Imagine this: there’s a woman—let’s call her Katrina—who is an avowed American Nazi. Katrina’s father was also a well-known Nazi; an attorney who defended other American Nazis in courtroom battles and who had connections with well known Nazis around the world. In her late 20s, Katrina takes this ideology to its logical conclusion and becomes a Nazi terrorist who plots to kill people.

[pullquote align=”right”]the left uses America’s most respected universities as both a breeding ground and a retirement home for radicals[/pullquote]Katrina goes on the run from the law for a decade and eventually takes an active part in a robbery that’s going to raise money to fund Nazi terror attacks. The robbery ends up turning violent and people are killed, including two police officers. Katrina is caught and sent to prison.

Did we mention that Katrina had an infant son? She sends her son off to live with two members of her Nazi terror cell while she does her time in prison.

Cut to twenty years later. Katrina’s son is now a committed Nazi supporter. Katrina is paroled from prison and is still preaching Nazism, although she’s not actively making bombs. Nonetheless, she has the same Nazi ideology that led her to decide that committing all those earlier acts of terror was an acceptable course of conduct.

Would you consider Katrina reformed? Safe? Someone who has turned over a new leaf? Would Katrina the Nazi be welcomed back into civil society with open arms or shunned, as she should be? Think anyone would make a movie portraying her as a heroine?

Now substitute the word Communist for the word Nazi in this story. While you’re at it, substitute the name Kathy Boudin for the name Katrina.

Katherine Boudin is a Communist terrorist and convicted felon who now teaches at two top colleges; a Weather Underground radical, she’s an adjunct professor at Columbia University and has been named the Sheinberg Scholar-in-Residence at NYU Law School.

Whatever you’ve heard about Boudin, the reality is actually far worse.

The story of Kathy Boudin’s crimes and her victims is bloody and ugly. Many details get left out or smoothed over, even by her critics. There’s a wider importance to Boudin’s story: it’s yet another example of how the left uses America’s most respected universities as both a breeding ground and a retirement home for radicals; a way to give violent ideologically driven criminals both legitimacy and a paycheck, often at taxpayer’s expense.

These American terrorists and advocates of overthrow like Dr. Kathy Boudin are giving a pass by academia and lauded in the arts because they promote communism, socialism and bloody revolution. As such, they are idolized by the mainstream liberal establishment, who view them as ideologically pure embodiments of their ideals, carnage be damned.