3 Lessons From Monopoly

While my kids are playing Call of Duty or Minecraft, I chill old school and play Monopoly on the iPad. I play at the Hard level against three computer AI opponents and I win over 90% of the time, which I like. I actually think I’ve learned some stuff, too.

1) Focus & Mind Your Business

I usually win just by controlling one or two property groups; the Orange, Purple or Light Blue. The game AI makes the computer buy up everything in sight, which I use to my advantage in trades. If I have extra properties, I usually mortgage them right away. I just want one or two color groups where I can immediately build three houses.

2) The Dice Don’t Matter

There’s a lot of luck in Monopoly and it makes almost no difference to me at all. The dice are what they are. I don’t count on the dice so I can buy a property; just as often as not, I’ll do trades to acquire the properties I’m focused on buying. You can get what you want , if you’re focused on really getting it.

3) Adapt To The Rules

One thing I do to keep it interesting is to mix up the Houses Rules. Sometimes, make it so there’s a ton of cash in the game — extra money for landing on Go plus money for landing on Free Parking. Sometimes, I make it so there’s almost no cash — starting with a lower bank and no money for passing Go. I still win consistently because I adapt how I play the game to fit the circumstances.

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  1. It’s hilarious that a Conservative who touts “free market” libertarian ideals can play Monopoly and then write about it without noticing the obvious purpose of the game, To show that capitalism left to its own devices destroys economies.
    Regulation and Taxes is the only curb to the destruction.

    Another fave here is “3) Adapt To The Rules” I.E give me a way to get money easier and inject a faster way to get to a monopoly, I don’t see you adding any rules that act as money sinks i.e. doubling house prices/increasing penalty amounts. The closest you get is less money to start but that only makes it harder for someone unlucky enough not to hit the cash bonuses.

    This is a great post Lee, It shows exactly how the Conservative /Libertarian mind works. Able to look at fundamental problems there ideas don’t fix and find a way to further bend the rules to suit themselves.

  2. Wacky comment.

    Monopoly isn’t a reflection of capitalism. For one thing, there are way less taxes.

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_board_game_Monopoly

    “In 1903, the Georgist Lizzie Magie applied for a patent on a game called The Landlord’s Game with the object of showing that rents enriched property owners and impoverished tenants.” – Her original Board had the GO Square saying “Labor Upon Mother Earth Produces Wages”

    I think perhaps you should look into things a little more before you spout nonsense… then again you wouldn’t have a blog then huh?



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