Insane Footage Of Protestors Being Arrested

Forget the politics of this for a moment — just watch it as a piece of cinema and it’s pretty amazing. The camera swoops and dives. It’s like gonzo Martin Scorcese vérité. I think the weird warping you see is caused by applying some anti-shake software as a post process. But watch…

Okay, here’s what this is. They weren’t ‘trying to get a job’. They were blocking trucks.

Four protesters were arrested – one of whom was pepper-sprayed – near Johns Hopkins Hospital after police say they refused to follow officers’ orders and shoved officers who attempted to disperse them.

Anthony Guglielmi, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, said the protesters locked arms and refused to allow trucks to enter a construction site at the intersection of Rutland Avenue and Eager Street. Police said organizers told protesters over a megaphone to stand their ground as police ordered them to move to a “safe location.

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A True Story Snippet Found On My iPad

I was waiting for the train today and there was a girl eating French fries at the station. I’m guessing she was 19 or 20 years old. She was pretty and put together well but her mouth hung open. No amount of makeup and spandex could cover up that dumb insolent look.

She was dripping gobs of ketchup on the ground. Gobs is the right word, too, The ketchup to fry ratio was totally out of proportion. Just didn’t care. Then when she finished, she dropped her napkins on the ground.

Our society doesn’t have a mechanism to deal with this. I could yell at her but I am sure that she would have yelled right back. Should I volunteer to be the chubby middle aged aged guy in a shouting match with the hot young thing over a puddle of ketchup sure to be missed by onlookers? I had no natural rooting constituency who’d be pulling for me in that melee.

Tilt Shift Video: Metal Heart

From the YouTube blog…

Tilt-shift videography, where the lens is manipulated to create a model-like effect on the subject, has been very popular among some YouTube circles for some time now, but a look at YouTube’s search data shows that relative search interest in “tilt shift” has been steadily on the rise since late 2008, hitting its largest peak just last month.

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