The Clintons’ Chief Strategist – Satan

My new short satrical thingymawhooie is up at – it’s Satan tempting the Clintons.

…you’ve teased everyone long enough. Enough with the dry humping on the whole race thing. Put it in already and shake it all about. The Republicans know how to do it. You’ve watched them play race like a saxophone. Oily fingered manipulation that honks out the melody of hate by implication, never hitting the notes, but playing the spaces between. You’ve fumed watching the Republicans do it for decades, obsessed over the cynicism, but slowly I’ve turned you from hatred to envy. Slow temptation, one of the things that I (in my role as me, i.e. Satan) do best. I did it to Salieri, too.

The Clintons’ Chief Strategist – 236 – The Room

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Rutles Live

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Tonight, Hollywood. Can’t wait – this is going to be great. All four Rutles! And this news today…

“It’s really fun, it actually is,” Eric Idle said a few minutes later in the cramped office of the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, where “Rutlemania” opens a water-testing five-performance run starting tonight and continuing through Friday.

“I don’t think anyone has ever tried this insanity before,” he added, with the barely concealed snicker of a schoolboy sneaking a devious gag past the headmaster. “It’s a tribute to people who never existed.”

It’s also a tribute to an act whose legacy, Idle famously predicted in 1978, “would last a lunchtime.”

The former Monty Python writer and actor and mastermind behind the Python-inspired Broadway and Las Vegas hit musical “Spamalot” conceived “Rutlemania” to ratchet up the absurdity of the 30th anniversary of “All You Need Is Cash,” the Idle-scripted and emceed mockumentary about the British pseudo-supergroup that virtually gave birth to the cinematic genre.

The Rutles’ long and wacky road – Los Angeles Times –

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