Look At The Today’s Obsession On Ted Cruz’s Canadian Birth

Look At The Today’s Obsession On Ted Cruz’s Canadian Birth

If you want a clear indication of the left’s vapid, shallow, hypocritical mindset then look no further than their obsession with Ted Cruz’s dual Canadian citizenship.

I can think of almost nothing less relevant about Ted Cruz than that he was born in Canada.

But the links below show you that it’s a really big deal to a lot of people. Given, a lot of this is a topic of interest to the press in the great White North.

But there’s also stuff like this. It’s political. And pointless.

Joe. My. God.: Ted Cruz Is Still A CanadianJoe Jervis

Ted Cruz Is Still A Canadian. Source. Labels: Canada, Tea Party, teabaggers, Ted Cruz. posted by Joe Jervis Comments. Please enable JavaScript to 
Joe. My. God.

Here’s more…

Ted Cruz ‘looking forward to’ completing process of renouncing Canadian 

The Globe and Mail – ‎41 seconds ago‎
Canadian-born U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has yet to renounce his Canadian citizenship as promised, but looks forward to the process being completed soon. Catherine Frazier, a spokeswoman for the conservative tea party favourite from Texas, said Saturday that 

Ted Cruz still a dual US-Canadian citizen

gulfnews.com – ‎8 hours ago‎
Toronto: US Sen Ted Cruz vowed months ago to renounce his Canadian citizenship by the end of 2013, but the Calgary-born Republican is still a dual citizen. Cruz, 43, recently said in an interview with the Dallas Morning News that lawyers are preparing the 

Renouncing citizenship not so easy for Calgary-born Tea Party darling Ted Cruz

Calgary Herald – ‎11 hours ago‎
OTTAWA – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz vowed months ago to renounce his Canadian citizenship by the end of 2013. It’s now 2014, and the Calgary-born Republican lawmaker is still a dual citizen. “I have retained counsel that is preparing the paperwork to renounce 

Why is it taking so long for Ted Cruz to renounce his Canadian citizenship?

Dallas Morning News (blog) – ‎21 hours ago‎
Canadian immigration lawyers say they’re baffled why it’s taking Sen. Ted Cruz so long to renounce his Canadian citizenship. The Republican Texas senator and potential 2016 presidential candidate vowed several months ago to terminate his dual 

Ted Cruz continues to hold dual citizenship

allvoices – ‎8 hours ago‎
Months back, Republican Senator Ted Cruz said that he will give up his Canadian citizenship before 2014. However, as the New Year rolls in, sources say that the Calgary born Senator is still holding onto his dual citizenship status, being a citizen of United 

Cruz still Canadian as immigration lawyers express confusion

StarPhoenix – ‎9 hours ago‎
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz speaks with reporters in Washington, D.C., last month. Cruz vowed months ago to renounce his Canadian citizenship, but remains a dual citizen. Photograph by: J. Scott Applewhite, The Canadian Press File Photo , The Canadian Press.

Calgary-born Ted Cruz still a Canadian citizen. Or is he?

Beacon News (blog) – ‎21 hours ago‎
Ted Cruz is ”a Harvard-educated lawyer so what’s the problem? It’s elementary.” – Canadian immigration lawyer. Calgary-born U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is still a Canadian citizen despite vowing months ago to renounce his Canadian citizenship by the end of 2013.

Why Is Ted Cruz Still Canadian?

The Wire – ‎21 hours ago‎
Ted Cruz made it clear in August that he planned to renounce his Canadian citizenship by the end of 2013. But despite the pretty simple renunciation process it’s a new year and he’s still a Canuck — not that there’s anything wrong with it. According to 

Despite promise, Rep. Cruz still a dual US-Canadian citizen

MyNews3 Las Vegas KSNV – ‎21 hours ago‎
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks during a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Human Rights hearing on Capitol Hill on April 2013 in Washington, DC. (Mark Wilson, Getty Images) 

CRUZ radio stations launch in Alberta just as Ted Cruz is ready to renounce 

Canada.com – ‎Jan 3, 2014‎
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks to reporters after he spoke on the Senate floor for more than 21 hours September 25, 2013 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Sen. Cruz ended his marathon speech against the Obamacare at noon on Wednesday. Photo: Photo 

Cruz Has Yet To Renounce Canadian Citizenship

KWTX – ‎Jan 3, 2014‎
TORONTO (January 3, 2014) U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who vowed months ago to renounce his Canadian citizenship by the end of 2013, is still a dual citizen. Cruz, 43, who was born in Calgary, recently said in an interview with the Dallas Morning News 
#Benghazi Cover-up By Hillary Clinton’s Media Matters For America Part 1

#Benghazi Cover-up By Hillary Clinton’s Media Matters For America Part 1

cover-up (noun) An attempt to prevent people’s discovering the truth about a serious mistake or crime. synonyms : whitewash, concealment, false front, facade, camouflage, disguise

The Benghazi scandal represents the largest looming existential threat to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential ambitions. 

blackberryAdding Secretary of State to her resume was supposed to give Hillary the international gravitas to catapult her into the White House. It’s grim irony that Hillary’s foreign policy reputation would potentially go down in fiery flames on September 11th, 2012 with the destruction of the Benghazi compound and the death of four Americans.

Yes, it could have threatened Pres. Obama’s reelection chances, but Mitt Romney punted on Benghazi in the third Presidential debate and the rest is history.

But Benghazi didn’t go away. 

Many Americans were unwilling to let Benghazi be swept under the rug. Over a year later, millions still want to know the truth.

Hillary can’t have that.

Luckily, Hillary has built a contingency to deal with disasters like this; David Brock’s Media Matters for America.

Since the devastating 60 Minutes report on Benghazi a little over a week ago, Media Matters has been on a rampage to cover-up the truth about Benghazi. Here’s the recent front page of MMFA’s site – 8 links out 10 above the fold stories:



I’m going to deal with the substance of their attacks in Part Two.

Why Media Matters Matters

If you’re conservative, libertarian or independent, you probably don’t read Media Matters for America. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you don’t read something, it’s not influential or important.

Their book on Benghazi called The Benghazi Hoax is selling decently on Amazon but that’s not where the group’s impact comes from.

Their real power is their network. Media Matters for America is the research arm of the institutional left.  Left bogs and the MSM pick up on their stories. This gives them a huge reach.

Here’s some of the blog echo chamber response on the their 60 Minutes attacks:
dkos mojo brad

It’s no accident Media Matters is hitting this issue so hard.

The Media Matters / Clinton Connection

 Is Media Matters a liberal/Democratic media watchdog site or a Clinton watchdog site?

That isn’t a conservative pundit or right wing blogger asking that question.

It’s Chuck Todd from MSNBC.

Here’s what Todd said in a November, 2007 article entitled Calling out Media Matters’ bias  :

Don’t they need to fully disclose their relationship with Hillary Clinton? After all, at the YearlyKos Convention in Chicago on Aug. 4, she touted her involvement with the group…

“I only wish that we had this active and fighting blogosphere about 15 years ago because we have certainly suffered over the last years from a real imbalance in the political world in our country. But we are righting that balance — or lefting that balance — not sure which, and we are certainly better prepared and more focused on taking our arguments and making them effective and disseminating them widely and really putting together a network in the blogosphere in a lot of the new progressive infrastructure — institutions that I helped to start and support like Media Matters and Center for American Progress. We’re beginning to match what I had said for years was the advantage of the other side.”

But don’t take Chuck’s word for it. Here’s the speech by Hillary Clinton; the quote comes about two minutes in.

And as Newsday reported in a 2006 story called Switching allegiances:

David Brock, the reformed right-wing reporter who once took aim at Hillary Rodham Clinton, has cultivated surprisingly deep ties to the senator – paying $200,000 to a Clinton confidant for working at his watchdog group, Media Matters. In the strange-bedfellows world of Washington, few couplings are odder than the Clinton-Brock alliance. The ideological chameleon has emerged as a reliable defender, while she’s quietly nurtured his $8.5-million-a-year nonprofit empire.


Clinton’s extended family of contributors, consultants and friends has played a pivotal role in helping Media Matters grow from a $3.5 million start-up in 2004 to its current $8.5 million budget. Two years ago, she advised Brock on creating the group, encouraging the creation of a liberal equivalent of the Media Research Center, a conservative group that has aggravated Democrats for decades.

Seven years later and the bond is stronger than ever. Hillary and Brock have even launched another ‘watchdog’ group. As Politico reported in a story headlined Research shop stocks up on Hillary Clinton aides

The research super PAC American Bridge has made a string of hires from within Clintonland for an offshoot project called “Correct the Record,” an effort whose goal is protecting potential 2016 Democratic candidates – with Hillary Clinton chief among them.

The group, which was launched in the 2012 cycle by Clinton ally and Media Matters founder David Brock, has hired from within Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and is getting financial support from two longtime Clinton donors, officials with the group told POLITICO.

In Part Two, I’ll look at the MMFA cover-up techniques.

GOP Civil War: Establishment Flack vs. Breitbart Reporter

GOP Civil War: Establishment Flack vs. Breitbart Reporter


Yesterday, I published my Guide to the GOP Senate Funding Civil War between the establishment NRSC and conservative grassroots SCF. (If those acronyms mean nothing to you, read the guide!)

Today, Matt Boyle from Breitbart News wrote a piece entitled Gloves Off: Gop Establishment Goes After Tea Party. It led with:

The National Republican Senate Committee, the GOP campaign arm responsible for Senate elections, has decided to use its political power to block consulting firm Jamestown Associates from receiving political work from GOP candidates or incumbents.

Jamestown’s “sin” is working with the Senate Conservative Fund, an organization that supports conservative candidates for the US Senate.

NRSC communications staffer Brad Dayspring, a former spokesman for House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), told The New York Times on Friday, “We’re not going to do business with people who profit off of attacking Republicans. Purity for profit is a disease that threatens the Republican Party.”

This did not go over well with Brad Dayspring.

Dayspring took to Twitter and got into an exchange with Boyle where he discussed private emails. Dayspring mentioned that Boyle had said nice stuff about him in the past.



Brandon Darby–fresh from an attack aided by PBS–jumped in.

Note to Dayspring : Of course Boyle hass said nice things about the NRSC for past work. Much of it has been good, just as much of the SCF’s work has been good. At the end of the day, people in the NRSC and SCF are actually on the same side, fighting the same enemy. 

That’s why this is a civil war.

Boyle is befuddled.

Your Guide To The GOP Senate Funding Civil War

Your Guide To The GOP Senate Funding Civil War

(This post will add more information: check back for updates.)

 The Skinny

The tensions between the grassroots and establishment Republicans are out in the open as two groups over the issue of primary challenges to incumbent GOP Senators.

Duking it out are the Team Establishment National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Team Grassroots Senate Conservatives Fund.

The battle has been brewing for weeks and this past week, the NRSC began pulling out the stops.

As the New York Times lede says on November 1st:

In a warning shot to outside conservative groups, the National Republican Senatorial Committee this week informed a prominent Republican advertising firm that it would not receive any contracts with the campaign committee because of its work with a group that targets incumbent Senate Republicans.

Even more striking, a senior official at the committee called individual Republican Senate campaigns and other party organizations this week and urged them not to hire the firm…


The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s power play is part of a larger effort among establishment Republicans after the recent government shutdown to seize control of the party from insurgent forces who want to push Republicans toward a more hard-line posture and aggressive brand of conservatism. The attempt to effectively blacklist the consulting firm illustrates the extent of the tensions between the establishment and the hard-liners.

And liberal news sites like Talking Points Memo are having a field day with quotes like 

Mitch McConnell’s chief of staff — currently assigned as a senior staffer at the National Republican Senatorial Committee through the 2014 election — compared the Senate Conservatives Fund to a drunk making a ruckus at a bar.

“S.C.F. has been wandering around the country destroying the Republican Party like a drunk who tears up every bar they walk into,” Josh Holmes said according to The New York Times. “The difference this cycle is that they strolled into Mitch McConnell’s bar and he doesn’t throw you out, he locks the door.”

Which GOP Senators are being challenged?

Among those facing primary challenges are…

[row] [column size=”1/2″] [list icon=”icon: bullhorn” icon_color=”#fa0101″]
  • Lamar Alexander (Tennessee)
  • Thad Cochran (Mississippi)
  • John Cornyn (Texas)
  • Mike Enzi (Wyoming)
  • Lindsey Graham (South Carolina)
  • Mitch McConnell (Kentucky)
[/list] [/column] [column size=”1/2″]

mcconnell lindsay-graham


[note note_color=”#ffeeee” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”10″] [row] [column size=”1/2″]

National Republican Senatorial Committee

“Working for a majority GOP Senate.”


Twitter: @NRSC

[/column] [column size=”1/2″]

Senate Conservatives Fund

“A grassroots organization that helps elect true conservative leaders to the United States Senate.”

Orgin: founded by former SC Sen.  and current head of Heritage Action Jim DeMint


Twitter: @SCF


[/row] [/note]

 The Buildup

October 16th: Sarah Palin sends a shot at Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnellsarah-palin

Friends, do not be discouraged by the shenanigans of D.C.’s permanent political class today. Be energized. We’re going to shake things up in 2014. Rest well tonight, for soon we must focus on important House and Senate races. Let’s start with Kentucky – which happens to be awfully close to South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi – from sea to shining sea we will not give up. We’ve only just begun to fight.

October 21stBusiness looks to challenge tea party in primaries

“The Senate Conservatives Fund, Heritage Action and FreedomWorks are really just eating the lunch of some of the normal business groups,” said Dan Mattoon, former executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.


While many heads of trade groups have been trying to navigate the new political reality in Washington, in some ways they are ill-equipped to battle more recently formed groups like Heritage Action For America and Senate Conservatives Fund that are focused on making Congress more conservative and holding Republican lawmakers accountable by ginning up the grass roots.

“Fundamentally, if the business community wants to be more engaged in the grass-roots politics, they have to have a permanent presence there,” Heritage Action’s Dan Holler said. “Arguably, there are local businesses at every level. They could be the conduit for that message. The problem is the policies big business groups are trying to sell don’t resonate outside of Washington.”–

 The Cruz Factor

Complicating things is the fact that Tea Party favorite Sen. Ted Cruz is a vice chair of the NRSC.



December 15 2012:  A tricky task: Ted Cruz as NRSC link to tea party

The Texas senator-elect’s decision to take a formal role at the National Republican Senatorial Committee places him squarely inside an organization many on the right view with suspicion, if not outright disdain.

His title will be vice chairman, but it could just as easily be ambassador — to the ideological grass-roots wing of the party, which helped propel Cruz’s long-shot bid over a sitting lieutenant governor this year.

On August 19th, Cruz and SFC founder Jim DeMint began their Defund Obamacare tour.

 Days later, Cruz said he didn’t think the NRSC should be involved in primaries. 

August 23 : Ted Cruz might play in primaries, but says the NRSC shouldn’t. Here’s why it matters.

Cruz has been quiet publicly about what, if anything, he’s been doing behind the scenes for the committee. And in an interview earlier this month, he shed little new light on the matter. But he did make a couple of things clear: The committee shouldn’t meddle in primaries, but he very well might.

“In my view, primary elections should be determined by the voters of each state. So I don’t think the National Republican Senatorial Committee should be involved in primaries,” Cruz said in the interview.

In that August 13th article, they added a follow from

After the government shutdown, that wasn’t good enough for some of Cruz’s colleagues.

October 30th, 2013: Ted Cruz extends olive branch to GOP senators

Extending an olive branch to GOP senators, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is privately making it clear he won’t engage in the Senate Conservatives Fund’s hardball tactics to defeat his colleagues in their primary races.

At a closed-door lunch meeting of Senate Republicans Wednesday, the freshman conservative told his colleagues that he would not intervene in their 2014 primary fights or fundraise for the controversial outside group. Cruz added that the SCF’s decision to try to defeat sitting GOP senators in their primaries was its alone, according to several people familiar with the session.

One source said Cruz made clear to his colleagues at the Wednesday meeting that he would not associate himself with the group any longer. But a Cruz spokeswoman said the senator would still be involved with the group’s effort in “promoting conservative causes.”

The spokeswoman, Catherine Frazier, said Cruz reiterated to the GOP senators his previous statements that he wouldn’t get involved in their primary fights. At the meeting, Cruz pointed to a statement the SCF recently issued that neither him, Paul nor Lee was involved in its endorsement decisions, Frazier said.

“He’ll continue working with them to promote common conservative policies but not get involved in their endorsement or fundraising decisions,” Frazier said. “SCF’s organization is not just about primary politics but promoting conservative causes that Republicans across the spectrum can support.”

For more reading:  


(Found other good articles? Please suggest links in comments.)

Twitter Hires Former Disgraced NPR Chief Vivian Schiller As Head Of News

Twitter Hires Former Disgraced NPR Chief Vivian Schiller As Head Of News

How biased is Vivian Schiller? THIS biased...

How biased is Vivian Schiller? THIS biased…

Meet the new media. Same as the old media.

In the past couple of years,Twitter has become a major player in breaking news coverage. Many people go to Twitter before the TV networks to keep up with urgent and evolving rapidly stories.

Twitter has now confirmed months of speculation by hiring Vivian Schiller as their head of news. You may remember Schiller from her stint as Chief of NPR, where she was forced to resign after one of her top executives was busted by a James O’Keefe sting.

Schiller’s appointment should scare anyone who worries about liberal bias. If you go to Twitter to get away from bias, this isn’t a good hire because Schiller is about as blatantly hypocritical as they get.

As CNN Money Reports:

Schiller will serve as a liaison between the social network and news organizations, according to the job description that Twitter posted in May. Twitter executives have repeatedly said the site wants to help media companies distribute news.

Schiller brings many years of experience in big media to the role, with prior experience at CNN, the New York Times, NPR and others.

A brief aside to Twitter executives — big media companies already know how to distribute news. Sure, it’s news that enforces a narrative but they are highly effective at distributing it. People like me love Twitter because it levels the playing field, not because Big Media needs a leg-up with extra help from one of their own.

Schiller has an impressive liberal big media CV. She was a senior V.P. at NewYorkTimes.com, then went to be general manager of the Discovery Times Channel, leaving around the time the New York Times pulled out of the venture.

Then, it was on to NPR and controversy for Vivian Schiller. She fired Juan Williams for what she termed a lack of journalistic ethics a short time after Williams said he got nervous when seeing people in Muslim garb boarding a plane. Schiller later had to apologize after saying Williams should have kept his comments between himself and “his psychiatrist or his publicist—take your pick.”

Schiller’s polticially correct liberal bias set the stage for the incident that led to Schiller’s resignation; O’Keefe and his team caught an NPR fundraiser on video trashing the Tea Party, and Christians while talking to undercover Project Veritas journalists he thought were part of the Muslim Brotherhood connected group.

Schiller was forced out by an NPR desperate to maintain its federal funding. As HuffPost reported about a speech Schiller gave soon after:

It’s a very difficult time an incredible amount of scrutiny in what we do and all the actions of NPR…because the presence of even one dollar of federal money changes the dynamic.

Schiller slammed Jamed O’Keefe in a speech shortly after she resigned, saying

“…this is not journalism. You don’t ensnare people. You don’t entrap people with hidden cameras…”

Schiller went to NBC where she was senior vice president and chief digital officer for NBC News, including oversight of NBCNews.com.

That’s right, after attacking O’Keefe over ‘hidden cameras’, Schiller went to work at the home of the TV show To Catch A Predator. And no, she didn’t find that ironic.

As Eric Erickson tweeted at the time:

But defenders of Schiller might argue that To Catch A Predator isn’t news. They’s say t’s entrap-o-tainment or something.

Well, let’s look at how NBC News itself describe their newsmagaize Dateline.

Here’s an ad posted right now for Creative Promotions Director. At NBC News. The ad talks about the digital properties Schiller headed up, including iVillage, BreakingNews.com, theGrio.com, NBCLatino.com.

And the ad also says (emphasis added) :

The network’s primetime newsmagazine, Dateline provides a variety of in-depth stories week in and week out ranging from mysteries and breaking news to hidden-camera investigations and documentaries.

Here’s the reality : hidden camera investigations are a normal, perfectly valid journalistic technique.

People like Vivian Schiller just don’t like it when those journalistic tactics are used against the left.

That’s called biased hypocrisy. Now brought to you by Twitter.