Radio Stranahan : Off The Air, Live 365 Ickiness

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I tried a week free trial of to get Radio Stranahan up and running again but I’ve decided to take it down. Here’s my laundry list of reason but first BEWARE of Live365’s 7 Day Free Trial.  You have to cancel three busines days before the trial ends or they bill you! That’s a four day trial, bastards.

Why I Pulled Down Radio Stranahan From Live365

  1. Too Expensive
  2. Live365 plays too many commercials – I’m PAYING to broadcast plus there are commercials? Repetitive irritating ones, too – mainly to upgrade as a Live365 “VIP”. No thanks.
  3. Nobody cares what music I play / like / listen to.

On the whole, I should be podcasting. I liked the IDEA of having ‘my own radio station’ but it’s just not working out.

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5ive Things I Need To Do To Expand My Vast Media Empire

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As part of thinking about that 1000 True Fans meme, I’m thinking about how I can do a better job of getting my work done as well as promoting that work. Here’s a little list of things

1) Get Radio Stranahan Going Again
Many many months ago, I had a little internet radio station going – Radio Stranahan. I’d bought the SAM Broadcaster software, had station IDs, and was broadcasting. But there were problems; primarily my old computer system kept crashing. This wasn’t related to broadcasting but to other computer problems. My solution was to get a cheap, dedicated machine. Haven’t done it yet.

2) Podcast
My son Shane has a bunch of podcasts available on iTunes – he did a bunch of broadcasts about the WGA strike last year. In theory, I could easily put my videos and radio shows up on there, too. Haven’t. No good reason I can think of.

3) How Tos
I’ve taught hundreds of seminars, hosted instructional videos, written and edited how to articles. I love teaching. Why aren’t I doing it a lot more on my website? No good reason. This list is actually sort of a teaching thing, though.

4) Redo The Website
I’ve written about this before recently. Lots of problems now, like it’s hard to find my video if I’ve posted a lot already. My lovely wife Lauren found a great WordPress theme called Options that may solve some of this. Or I may switch to Joomla. Mainly right now, I’m thinking more about strategy than tactics – what do I want to have here, more than just how I show what I have. Still looking for your feedback on this, too – leave suggestions in comments.

5) Rejigger My Promo Efforts
Pretend you’re a fan of mine and you want to keep up to date about my projects. Aside from visiting my vaguely disorganized website, there’s not a lot of options. I want to do an organized system where people can sign up to get emails. And it’s probably time to redo my promo quotes and resume on LinkedIn.

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That’s my list. What’s yours look like?