Go Make A Film

Go Make A Film

There is nothing stopping you from making a film.

This is really important. Just a few years ago–maybe even five years ago–there’s really no way for me to tell you that there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a filmmaker. No more. If you’re reading this blog post , you can make a film.

tumblr_mg9tuc3JLA1qzitlxo1_500You can shoot and edit right on your iPhone or Android. HD Camera can be bought for $140. If you don’t own a smart phone or camcorder, there is 100% likelihood  you know somebody who does. Not 99% likelihood; a full 100% and that means of video production are at your fingertips, no flippin’ excuses.

You have a story to tell that’s unique to you. It may be happy or sad or it make people angry or make them laugh out loud but you have a life and ideas and experiences that are you unique to you and someone in there, you can make at least one short. It doesn’t need to be fancy or even  very long. But please find something important to you and tell a visual story about it and let the rest of us know.

I was inspired to write this watching this short film about a surfer and her board. It’s a nice, light, beautiful piece that was fun to watch after an especially brutal week. It was made with a camera that costs about as much as 100 lattes at Starbucks.

Here’s Leah Dawson’s Tumblr page. All images are copyright her.

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