New Day Rising


Today’s the first day of my new era of unemployment, so I thought I’d do a roundup of stuff….

New HuffPost piece : Why I Quit My Job And Bet On My Own Creativity

I’ve been helping organize a meetup for Twitter users in New Mexico (aka a Tweet-Up) – and thanks to Ashley Drake Gephart it has a Facebook page.

I’ve also been organizing The UnConvention.

Put out a new issue of New Mexico Media News all about why it’s the perfect time to write a screenplay with Script Frenzy and free software available – all useful whether you live in New Mexico or not.

And in video news, I put up a new chunk of my interview with Kevin Smith – Part 5, in which I saw something that KS finds funny.


  1. I have been enjoying planning the Tweet-Up with you. Making great contacts with so many great people and we haven’t even had it yet!

    The post title “New Day Rising” is great. I have been driving my family nuts since Dec. with “It’s a brand new day people…a brand new day” (re: Sister Act)

    This is my turn around year. New horizons and all that. It’s been great to follow your journey online.

  2. You met Kevin Smith? I am so jealous. I love him. I love his movies, but I really love him. He is just so…personable. Kind of the guy who seems like he would be a good addition to your social group, you know? I love to just listen to him talk. An Evening With Kevin Smith was awesome.

    That’s so cool, Lee. Really. I have to catch up on your video subs, clearly!



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