Obama And Medical Marijuana

Very good little piece from Freedom Democrats about recent legislation.

Recently, when Barney Frank was on Bill Maher, Frank indicated he was going to take a bolder legislative stance on some key issues that libertarians would be in agreement on. Since that time, Frank has remained true to his word, and in the process has formed a legislative alliance of sorts with Ron Paul in doing so. Paul has co-sponsored 3 of Frank’s recent pieces of legislation.

1) Overturning UIGEA
2) HR5843, which would essentially remove and federal penalties for marijuana possession of 100 grams or less
3) HR5842, which force the DEA and other federal authorities to respect states’ current laws on medicinal cannabis

HR5842 essentially would make the Controlled Substance Act null and void in certain states because of their medical marijuana laws.


Under Bush-Clinton-McCain regimes, this axis would wilt under the weight of the implied Veto Pen. But what about under an Obama Presidency? These bills are finding other co-sponsors and supporters in the congress. If the threat of the veto pen was removed, or even, i dare, say, there was actual support from the Executive branch for these bills, then this Frank-Paul axis could actually bear legislative fruit. Obama was rewarded last night for not pandering to the lowest common denominator. If his likely presidency truly represents “change we can believe in,” a good starting point would be to support this Frank-Paul axis.

Freedom Democrats | Online community for Libertarian Democrats

Here’s Obama talking about Medical Marijuana – realistic, really. Not perfect as close to practical reality on what’s possible legislatively at this point, I think.


Read this doc on Scribd: Alan Boxer v. Stranahan – Denied
1 DCLSE) MAY 0 2 2008 SUPERl&k COURT SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORN1 COUNTY OF MARIN EL Omctr 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ALAN BOXER, Plaintiff, v. Consolidated Cases Nos. CV 051280 ) CV 051282 10 11 12 13 14 LAUREN BOXER, AKA LAUREN STRANAHAN, Defendant. ) ) ) ) ORDERS AFTER HEARING TO STOP HARASSMENT 15 16 ALAN BOXER, Plaintiff, v. 17 18 19 20 21 22 LEE R. STRANAHAN, Defendant. 23 On May 1, 2008, these consolidated matters came on for an evidentiary hearing on the 24 25 Plaintiffs Requests for Orders to Stop Harassment. Four witnesses testified, to wit: the Plaintiff and his wife, and both of the Defendants, who are the Plaintiffs daughter and son-in-law Exhibits were admitted into evidence. While it is quite clear that the Defendants do in fact communicate about the Plaintiff in £ 26 27 28 negative manner and disseminate court documents concerning him over the Internet and that ORDER AFTER HEARING TO STOP HARASSMENT 1 2 3 4 these communications are understandably upsetting to the Plaintiff, there is not clear and convincing evidence that these communications legally constitute harassment. Rather, it appear: that they constitute the Defendants’ legitimate, although perhaps unpleasant, exercise of theii right to communicate about their opinions about the Plaintiff and his alleged acts and omission in the past and his petitions for retraining orders against them. 5 6 7 Accordingly, the Requests for Orders to Stop Harassment must be denied. GOOD CAUSE APPEARING THEREFORE, it is ordered that: 1. The Requests for Orders to Stop Harassment are DENIED; and 8 9 10 11 2. The Temporary Restraining Orders that were reissued on May 1, 2008 are VACATED Date: May 2, 2008 w . Roy O^Chernus Commissioner 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 ORDER AFTER HEARING TO STOP HARASSMENT

Grand Theft Election 08

I’ve spent all night playing the new Grand Theft Election VIII and it’s the most exciting First Political Shooter since the original Grand Theft Election: Bush v. Gore. I don’t want to ruin the game for you, but it’s just so huge that there’s enough game play to last until August…or June, in case your Mom and Howard Dean come into your room and tell you to stop playing.

With all the hype, you’ve heard the basics of Grand Theft Election VIII by now — you duck sniper fire, attempt to control superdelegates and do whatever you need to do to win the election. Here are my favorite missions….

Loose Cannon – This is where the fun starts — as Hillary Clinton. You can literally do or say anything you want – switch accents, change your biography from state to state, and even change the rules as you go along. It’s really exhilarating — the first time you realize you can run up to the Straight Talk Express, grab John McCain from the driver’s seat, throw him to the ground, and then actually hijack the bus to run over Barack Obama while your character cackles wildly in 7.1 surround sound. That’s when you understand what politics is really all about.

Whack Judas
– Playing as Bill Clinton, you get a tip from a very realistic avatar of James Carville. (Insider sources say they reused the Golem avatar from the Lord of the Rings video game.) You pilot Revenge Force One to New Mexico where you track down Gov. Bill Richardson, who has grown a beard to disguise himself. When news cameras catch you beating Richardson over the head with a churro, you must angrily point at the camera and deny that you hit him or that you were ever in New Mexico. Bonus points if you can convince reporters that Richardson was actually playing ‘La Raza’ card and that Richard was hitting YOU in the hand with a churro.

Operation None Of Your Business – In this short episode, you are Chelsea Clinton. Avoid reporters, students who ask difficult questions, and being treated like an adult who is shilling for a political campaign. In this mission, you don’t kill anyone; your goal is to get journalists fired.

Reject, Denounce, Fillet
– The gameplay moves to North Carolina and Indiana, where you play as Barack Obama. When two months of rejections and denunciations aren’t enough to disassociate yourself from Rev. Wright, the only way to satisfy the press is to slice him up with a machete in a prime time Fox News special hosted by Flavor Flav and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Strategy Hint: Go for a quick kill and you lose because Sean Hannity says you didn’t show Commander In Chief strength by drawing out the pain. Take your time and you lose because Sean Hannity says you were indecisive. Best solution: take out Sean Hannity first.