How To Dismantle A Kimberlin Bomb

Anyone who followed the Brett Kimberlin saga knows this basic fact: back in 1978, eight bombs exploded in the town of Speedway, Indiana. 

Why did Kimberlin set off those bombs ? 

He was trying to create a distraction. 

The authorities theorized that Brett Kimberlin terrorized Speedway, Indiana with eight bombings because he wanted to distract from others crimes that police suspected he was involved in.  These crimes included alleged child molestation and then the murder of a woman who was preparing to report Kimberlin for that molestation.

Here’s the sad truth: the distraction actually worked at a large extent. Kimberlin was never charged with the molestation because the person about to accuse him was killed. And Kimberlin was never convicted of the murder; partially because a key witness died before the case came to trial and partially because the authorities began infighting over the various crimes Kimberlin was charged with.

Now, let’s look at where we are today.

After the success of Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day, we’ve had some other major victories. There’s been mainstream media coverage and a court victory for Aaron Walker. Many people now know about Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Brad Friedman and the other leftists who have engaged in an ugly new brand of online political warfare using a diversity of tactics.

It seems like justice might bne just around the corner for Team Kimberlin — but look at what else has happened.

A number of ‘bombs’ have gone off all around the story.

BOOM. Two new SWATings.

BOOM.Personal and professional attacks on many of the people exposing the truth about Kimberlin and company.

BOOM. Disinformation posted by sites claiming that they are trying to stop Kimberlin.

BOOM. Infighting that’s been encouraged by shadowy figures whose motivations aren’t clear.

BOOM. Faux ‘infighting’ that is really attacks that always seem to benefit team Kimberlin.

BOOM. Deliberate attempts to change the focus of the story from something of national imporant to a bunch of squabbling.

BOOM. Former victims of Kimberlin and company suddenly switching sides and attacking the people going after him.

BOOM. New charges filed.

BOOM. An noticible increase in fake accounts, vicious attacks, lies and distractions that – frankly – make the real story difficult to watch and even MORE difficult to report on.


Like Brett Kimberlin’s distraction bombings, these are events that can’t exactly be ignored. On the other hand there’s no doubt that dealing with them takes time, energy and focus away the subject of the investigation. 

Which is the point. Distraction IS the whole point. Wearing down the investigation IS the whole point. Confusing the narrative and making the audience weary IS the whole point.

But let’s ignore the bombs for a second.

Here’s reality:

A small group of left activists including Brett Kimberlin, Brad Friedman and Neal Rauhauser have launched a war on effective conservatives and conservative organizations like, James O’Keefe, Citizens United, the Koch Brothers. They are focused on issues like Occupy Wall Street, Voter ID laws and unions; all things that are part of Obama’s stealth initiatives to win the 2012 election by any means neccessary. 

 This IS about the fight against Obama in 2012. Don’t let the bombs distract you. Team Kimberlin doesn’t want to be exposed and they are using dirty, repulsive tactics to avoid the light that is being cast on them.

Much of this was pointed out to me by Mandy Nagy, who has been on the front lines of this fight every single step of the way along with people like Patterico and Aaron Walker and the other modern victims of Brett Kimberlin.

For their sake and for the sake of the 2012 election, PLEASE keep your eye on the ball here despite the bombs going off. Don’t lose the focus. Don’t get distracted. Don’t let Team Kimberlin win.

If you get confused and are having a tough tell telling the good guys from the bad guys just ask yourself:  who stands with Mandy, Patrick Frey and Aaron Walker and who stands against them? 

Cogs: An Excerpt From “Permission To Quit”

I’m about to release a book about how and why you should probably quit your job as soon as you can hot-tail it out the door. The book is called Permission To Quit and it will be available on the Kindle in a few weeks. Here’s a short excerpt from it about what a job really is. 

If you wan to be notified when the book is released, please sign up for the early notification list.

To understand why you need to leave your job, you need to understand what a job really is.

A job is a cog. 

More specifically, a job is just a cog that has a person inside of it. Each cog is an interchangeable part of a big machine. The machine is the store or shop or office or company and that machine needs some cogs to keep it running. If you’re in a job right now, you’re inside one of those cogs.

The key thing about the cogs is that they are interchangeable. Cogs are replaceable. They have to be. You can’t have the entire machine shut down forever when one part is removed. You need to be able to pop one cog out and put another one in its place.

Factories have line worker cogs and supervisor cogs. Restaurants have cook cogs and server cogs and dishwasher cogs and manager cogs. Offices have sales cogs and receptionist cogs and middle manager cogs and that guy who sits by the copy machine and nobody is sure what he does cogs.

No cog is irreplaceable. Of course, every person who fills up the cog is an individual and some do their jobs better than others but that doesn’t change the bottom line; the person in the cog may change but the cog remains the same.

If your favorite barista quits working at your favorite coffee shop, they will be replaced by a new barista by the very next shift. Maybe the new one will be a bit better or a bit worse but the whole business is actually designed to run just fine whether any individual barista is there or not.

The business isn’t based on individuals.  It can’t be.

In order to create a consistent product or service, you can’t have too much individuality. When the customer orders a mocha cappuccino, it needs to be pretty much the exact same mocha cappuccino that they ordered yesterday no matter who made it. It needs to be the same tomorrow, too.

In the grand scheme of the business machine, that favorite barista of yours is just a cog and life goes on without them. They don’t matter. They can’t matter.

And if you have a job, you don’t matter either.

Gulp. Ouch.

This is a really hard pill for many of us to swallow because most of us have heard over and over again since childhood that we’re each a special flower. We want to believe it. We want to think that we’re important and that we matter and that our hard work makes a big difference.


Wait, cheer up. It is more complex than that. We’ll talk more about this later, but actually you are quite a special flower and you are super important and you really do matter and you can make a big, huge, amazing difference in the world. Just not in a job.

In a job, you’re a cog.

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Greg W. Howard: Aurora Shooting Conspiracy Theorist

Just remember, the Right calls out, marginalizes, and rejects their “crazies.” The Right’s “crazies” are an anomaly. The Left embraces, defends, and supports their “crazies.”– Brandon Darby

It’s time to call out the anomaly.

I’m working hard to defeat President Obama at the polls in 2012. I’m proud to be associated with so many smart, sane, and reasoned conservatives, libertarians and independent voters in that goal. I think a second Obama administration would be a disaster.

Which is why we need to call out the crazy when we see it. And what you’re about to see is crazy. Dangerous and crazy and it needs to be called out, questioned, exposed and dealt with through free speech.

I was looking at the Twitter timeline of Greg W. Howard and there’s a lot of very disturbing stuff on there where he seems to believe that President Obama or people aligned with him actually planted Aurora movie theater massacre shooter James Holmes as part of some plot.

The Theory: Aurora Was Staged By The Government / The F.B.I.

It’s a theory being floated in articles like Was Colorado Shooting Staged By The Government? That article claims Holmes’s behavior doesn’t ‘add up’, that Holmes ‘was clearly provided with exotic gear’, and tries to directly tie the plot to the FBI:

As you soak all this in, remember that the FBI had admitted to setting up terror plots, providing the weapons and gear, staging the location of the bombings, and even driving the vehicles to pull it off! This is not a conspiracy theory; it’s been admitted by the FBI right out in the open. Even the New York Times openly reports all this in stories like this one: NYT: Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.

That belief of these people that the FBI may have created the Aurora massacre is especially disturbing since Greg W. Howard and his associate Brooks Bayne appear to believe that Brandon Darby, Mandy Nagy and I are all FBI plants.

UPDATE : Greg Howard clarifies that he does not agree with Brooks Bayne’s statements to several people that Brandon, Mandy and I are FBI plants.

The author of the article also is confused about where Holmes got his weapons; there’s no mystery here, so the author makes one up.

Question: How does an unemployed medical student afford $20,000 in weapons gear?

If you start to look at the really big picture here, the obvious question arises: How does an unemployed medical student afford all the complex weapons gear, bomb-making gear, “flammable” booby trap devices, ammunition, multiple magazines, bullet-proof vest, groin protection, ballistic helmet, SWAT uniform, and all the rest of it?
A decent AR-15 rifle costs $1,000 or more all by itself. The shotgun and handgun might run another $800 total. Spare mags, sights, slings, and so on will run you at least another $1,000 across three firearms. The bullet-proof vest is easily another $800, and the cost of the bomb-making gear is anybody’s guess. With all the specialty body gear, ammunition, booby-trap devices, and more, I’m guessing this is at least $20,000 in weapons and tactical gear, much of which is very difficult for civilians to get in the first place.

This is not only awful, dishonest reporting but it’s poor math. The author goes from $1000 + $800 + $1000 + $800 (which is $3,600 by my calculator) to $20,000 because ‘anybody’s guess’. No, sorry. You don’t get to jump from under $4,000 to $20,000 and then say “How did the shooter get $20,000?!?”

Greg Howard seems to have bought into this lunacy lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

Greg Howard repeats the completely unsubstantiated $20,000 number and rejects a simple explanation for where Holmes could have gotten the money and then Howard goes on to claim that some of the materials could not have been acquired without ‘a lot of help’, without any proof.

Later Howard speculated the weapons were ‘government owned’.

When sane people suggest slowing down on promoting these baseless, paranoid theories, Howard makes it clear that he won’t be swayed.

Howard continues to promote the idea that Holmes is a government plant…

And now the scary part:

As I said at the beginning, we have to call out the crazies. Especially — especially — when they seem to be headed into the threat territory. This isn’t conservatism. The left didn’t call out the crazies in Occupy Wall Street. Conservatives are better than that.

Look at these tweets from Greg Howard about bomb making and ‘tipping points’.

And here’s Cypress Gang : an ally of Howard’s.

Call out the crazies.


Twittergate Reality Check Part 4: Dangerous Paranoia

Let’s get this on the public record, plain as day, and please — read the next paragraph carefully and consider the implications.

Brook Bayne has told several people that he believes Brandon Darby, Mandy Nagy and I are leftist plants who were put in place by the FBI in order to spy on conservatives. 

He’s actually said that and as far I know, he actually believes it. If you look at what he’s saying in his increasingly bizarre twitter stream, it’a all consistent with that crazy, paranoid theory.

Here’s Brooks last night, claiming that Brandon Darby told him that Andrew Breitbart had 100 sock puppet accounts; by the way, this is a claim Bayne never made until I published this article a couple days ago.

 Fellow Twitter-gater Greg W. Howard and Michelle @ZAPEM are equally unhinged.  Here they are apparently discussing sending me to jail — you can’t see Michelle’s end of the conversation because her account is protected but look at what Greg is saying in public; he’s accusing me of working with Neal Rauhauser.

 This is all disturbing stuff. And in the light of the Aurora shooting, it’s even more disturbing. The Boston Phoenix had an interesting article about the mentality that may have given rise to that shooting and it certainly seems to apply here to Brook, Greg, Michelle and Patrick.

There is something truly awful going on here: an entitled fanboy mentality, enabled by the anonymity of screen names, that moves and thinks as a mob and that reacts to any deviation from unanimous praise with the fury of a spoiled child.

Ty Burr, An uncertain line between fantasy’s lure, nightmare

But the Twitter-gaters aren’t THAT crazy, right?

Honestly, I have no idea how crazy they are. They seem pretty crazy. Let’s recap : Brooks has told people that Brandon, Mandy and I were planted by the FBI to spy on conservatives like Brooks. Greg, Brooks and Michelle have all contacted my employer to try and get me fired. They are obsessed.

If you think this is some Twitter battle, understand that they do not. They see this as a literal war against literal traitors and they see me, Brandon, Mandy, Patterico, Malkin, Erickson, Breitbart and many many others as part of that treason. That’s not metaphor for them They mean it.

Here’s an exchange between Greg and someone who was attacked by Twittergater account @TheCypressGang — Greg states once again that I’m not conservative.

This next part is frightening in its clear implications — Greg, who claims to be a Christian, rejects any notion of Christian ethics applying to this situation because it’s ‘war’. In Greg’s mind people disagreeing on Twitter is WAR. He and Brooks and their small group of Twitter-gaters believes that. And it’s the kind of war that allows the suspension of ethics. 

Again — they literally believe Brandon, Mandy and I are FBI plants.

Therefore, anything they do — any tactic — is okay because in their minds, it’s just self defense. They are defending themselves against a greater threat and they are the ‘real conservatives’ — and apparently, they are the arbiters of who those real conservatives are.

So, maybe to you reading this it’s a Twitter fight. To them, it’s not. And to the people being targeted here, it’s definitely not.