How To Dismantle A Kimberlin Bomb

Anyone who followed the Brett Kimberlin saga knows this basic fact: back in 1978, eight bombs exploded in the town of Speedway, Indiana. 

Why did Kimberlin set off those bombs ? 

He was trying to create a distraction. 

The authorities theorized that Brett Kimberlin terrorized Speedway, Indiana with eight bombings because he wanted to distract from others crimes that police suspected he was involved in.  These crimes included alleged child molestation and then the murder of a woman who was preparing to report Kimberlin for that molestation.

Here’s the sad truth: the distraction actually worked at a large extent. Kimberlin was never charged with the molestation because the person about to accuse him was killed. And Kimberlin was never convicted of the murder; partially because a key witness died before the case came to trial and partially because the authorities began infighting over the various crimes Kimberlin was charged with.

Now, let’s look at where we are today.

After the success of Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day, we’ve had some other major victories. There’s been mainstream media coverage and a court victory for Aaron Walker. Many people now know about Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Brad Friedman and the other leftists who have engaged in an ugly new brand of online political warfare using a diversity of tactics.

It seems like justice might bne just around the corner for Team Kimberlin — but look at what else has happened.

A number of ‘bombs’ have gone off all around the story.

BOOM. Two new SWATings.

BOOM.Personal and professional attacks on many of the people exposing the truth about Kimberlin and company.

BOOM. Disinformation posted by sites claiming that they are trying to stop Kimberlin.

BOOM. Infighting that’s been encouraged by shadowy figures whose motivations aren’t clear.

BOOM. Faux ‘infighting’ that is really attacks that always seem to benefit team Kimberlin.

BOOM. Deliberate attempts to change the focus of the story from something of national imporant to a bunch of squabbling.

BOOM. Former victims of Kimberlin and company suddenly switching sides and attacking the people going after him.

BOOM. New charges filed.

BOOM. An noticible increase in fake accounts, vicious attacks, lies and distractions that – frankly – make the real story difficult to watch and even MORE difficult to report on.


Like Brett Kimberlin’s distraction bombings, these are events that can’t exactly be ignored. On the other hand there’s no doubt that dealing with them takes time, energy and focus away the subject of the investigation. 

Which is the point. Distraction IS the whole point. Wearing down the investigation IS the whole point. Confusing the narrative and making the audience weary IS the whole point.

But let’s ignore the bombs for a second.

Here’s reality:

A small group of left activists including Brett Kimberlin, Brad Friedman and Neal Rauhauser have launched a war on effective conservatives and conservative organizations like, James O’Keefe, Citizens United, the Koch Brothers. They are focused on issues like Occupy Wall Street, Voter ID laws and unions; all things that are part of Obama’s stealth initiatives to win the 2012 election by any means neccessary. 

 This IS about the fight against Obama in 2012. Don’t let the bombs distract you. Team Kimberlin doesn’t want to be exposed and they are using dirty, repulsive tactics to avoid the light that is being cast on them.

Much of this was pointed out to me by Mandy Nagy, who has been on the front lines of this fight every single step of the way along with people like Patterico and Aaron Walker and the other modern victims of Brett Kimberlin.

For their sake and for the sake of the 2012 election, PLEASE keep your eye on the ball here despite the bombs going off. Don’t lose the focus. Don’t get distracted. Don’t let Team Kimberlin win.

If you get confused and are having a tough tell telling the good guys from the bad guys just ask yourself:  who stands with Mandy, Patrick Frey and Aaron Walker and who stands against them? 


  1. Hi Lee,

    I did a little reading today since I jumped in on twitter last night not knowing exactly what you were referring to originally. I understand what you were hoping to accomplish in suggesting that the right needs to call out their crazies. While I think it is true, we should always point out something that is not intellectually honest, it does not really accomplish what you think it might – making a distinction for the left to see that there are reasoned people on the right that call out the irrational stuff from the right. Look to what happened after posted the expose on the fact that Obama’s literary bio had that he was born in Kenya. Even though the article clearly stated that it was not about birtherism, that Nolte (I think he was the author) did not believe Obama was born in Kenya and that the point was to show that Obama probably lied since authors wrote their own bio – media still dismissed it as “Oh look – birthers are back.”.

    I think all you can do is go on record pointing out the irrational on left and right and leave it at that. I have no problem with you posting what you did about encouraging people to point out the crazies and I have no issue with the crazies posting their crazies – I believe in free speech and I like to hear what people say.

    I also note how people interact with others so I can determine who to give weight to when I am deciding something. Anyone who has looked to see the stuff posted by that GregWHoward can see he has some real personal issues and can’t handle criticism – obviously, look at the campaign to have you fired.

    But it is all a distraction like you said. Eye on the ball and the ball is take the presidency, take the senate and keep the house and then we can try to take back America.

    And the way to take back America is to make the distinction between government or individual. And the way to get the distinction heard is to get people to realize that if they believe in the individual over big-government then they are actually conservative not liberal. That will be the hard part since there is such a stigma about conservatives (bigots, racists, sexists, etc). But if you can pierce that stigma, then it all falls down and they come out knowing they aren’t on the left (probably can’t admit they are on the right yet lol!). Look to your own transformation and how that occurred. Once you realized free speech matters and truth matters and it is more valued on the right then on the left, it transformed you.

    I don’t really know what to say. I know what you are feeling since I have been there. Truth matters and these people do suck. But it is America, they have the right to suck.

    But don’t worry, I, as an America, have the right to see their suckiness for what it is – they put in on display so it is hard not to miss it.

    Hang in there.


  2. I agree in principle that the primary focus is election 2012 and it’s a given that the left wants to distract us.

    That said there are plenty of stories to go around and it is not illegitimate to question our own side on occasion, it keeps us honest.


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