Ignore Conservative Writers On Brett Kimberlin Story

Ignore Conservative Writers On Brett Kimberlin Story

This post is for busy people who may have heard a little about Brett Kimberlin but may not totally understand exactly who he is or what it true or not true about him

This post is for independent people who want to make up their own minds.

It’s for honest people who want to find as objective a set of facts as they can find.

It doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are.

Brett Kimberlin recently sued 20 different people and organizations. I’m one of the people he’s suing. Others include top conservative personalities and writers including Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin .

A lot of conservatives have written about the Brett Kimberlin story, as a quick Google search will show you. It’d take hours and hours to dig through all the stories. This is partly my fault, because I had an idea called Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.  A virtual army of conservatives did their own research and wrote about him.

Ignore them all for now.

With just two (2) links, you can learn a lot about Brett Kimberlin. In fact, just one of the links may be all you need. It wouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Neither one is from a conservsative blogger.

Read them, consider the sources and make up your own mind.

[note note_color=”#b6fc8c”]Link #1 : The Kimberlin v. DeWalt decision. Link #2 : Reporting on the Indianapolis Star.[/note]

If you only have time to read ONE thing, read this: Kimberlin v. DeWalt.

It’s a court ruling from 1998 and goes into a fair amount of detail about Brett Kimberlin and his history. It’s a legal ruling, written by the appeals court judges.

You’ll see in Kimberlin v. DeWalt.:

  • Brett Kimberlin has a number of convictions for criminal conduct including drug dealing and a series of bombings.
  • One result of Kimberlin’s bombing that a man named Carl DeLong , who had one leg blown off. Later, DeLong committed suicide.
  • DeLong’s widow was awarded a civil judgment.
  • Kimberlin, mostly acting as his own attorney, began a series of lawsuits against the widow, witnesses, and anyone else he could.
  • After released from prison, Kimberlin was sent back in 1997 for refusing to the obey the parole commision’s order he pay the widow.
  • His parole officer said Brett Kimberlin failed to “indicate any concern or empathy for the victim.”

[note radius=”10″]Summary Takeaway from Kimberlin v. DeWalt : Brett Kimberlin is a violent criminal who files meritless lawsuit after meritless lawsuit against people he sees as his enemy. This isn’t a person who turned over a new leaf. He was as agressively unrepentant about his crimes in 1998 as he is today. [/note]

hedlinThe next link is original news reporting that goes into greater detail on Kimberlin’s crimes from the Indianapolis Star newspaper. What Kimberlin did is actually much worse than you see from the DeWalt ruling.

You’ll learn  from the Indianapolis Star newspaper:

  • Kimberlin was a large quantity drug dealer who had a drug gang that imported thousands of pounds of marijuana. When they were caught had a cache of weapons.
  • A woman named Julia Scyphers was worried about Kimberlin having an inappropriate relationship with her pre-teen granddaughter.
  • Julia Scyphers was murdered by someone identified in court as an associate of Kimberlin’s.
  • Shortly after the murder, Kimberlin began his bombing spree.
  • Kimberlin wanted to kill witnesses against him and the prosecutor.

[note radius=”5″]Summary Takeaway from Indy Star Reporting : Brett Kimberlin is both extremely dangerous and highly vindictive.  [/note]

Do these sources seem credible to you?

Brett Kimberlin is currently suing people for reporting on exactly the facts you see in that court filing and from the Indy Star.

By filing his newest lawsuit, Kimberlin is doing exactly what he’s always done for over 30 years: trying to destory people who he sees as his enemies, legally or otherwise.

Now Go Read Some Of The Conservative Bloggers 

Interested in reading more?

Here are a few suggestions – head to their sites and do a search for Kimberlin for a wealth of information.

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Here’s an excellent piece quoting from the book Citizen K about Brett Kimberlin.



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  2. Amazing thing is that they ever released this murderous delinquent on parole. WTF was wrong with that parole board?


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