Brett Kimberlin Begins Explicit Criminal Harassment Of #BlogBash

After weeks of intimations about violence, Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin have made threatening phone calls to the location of the upcoming Blog Bash; not coincidentally an event where I am nominated for an award for Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin day and that is hosted by National Blogger Club, a frequent Kimberlin critic and target.

Brett Kimberlin

Brett Kimberlin

As Ali Akbar–another frequent Kimberlin target–writes

My Blog Bash staff and I have been monitoring their online chatter for weeks now. They’ve harassed our sponsors, tried hacking into our personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, and now they’re trying to stop the National Bloggers Club from hosting our annual gathering of bloggers, Blog Bash.

The venue received a call from a man yesterday. Guess what his name is? “Neal.”

He called to gather information about Blog Bash, knowing that all of us will be in one room for the first time ever. He tried scaring them. This is harassment and nothing short of a threat.

This started weeks ago, however. BreitbartUnmasked writer “Texas Tim”--a fake persona and probably Brett Kimberlin himself made the threat about ‘a throng of Muslims’ back on February 25th.

Oh and BTW, my wife said that a throng of Muslims is going to do a massive protest at CPAC against Walker. She is going to make sure that everyone of them has your picture so they can tell you what they think of you support a virulent Islamophobe. And a very powerful Imam will be there two to stir up the crowd. Good luck with all of that.


IANAL but with ‘make sure everyone has your picture’ and ‘a very powerful Iman will be there two (sic) to stir up the crowd” and “good luck”–add all of that to two phone calls in two days and this is a criminally harassing threat.

And when you throw in that Brett Kimberlin took and posted photos of Aaron Walker recently after a year plus of trying to incite Muslim violence against him, I think it’s clear law enforcement needs to be involved. I don’t see a legal purpose in a vengeful, violent felon issuing warning to a venue that’s going to host an event featuring people he views as his enemies.

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  1. We’ll just make sure a few country folk, who know their chickens by the way they cluck, are there. Islam doesn’t look too pretty to your typical country church-goer, and they know how to have fun.


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