“Texas Tim” Reveals Mystery Witness Is Brett Kimberlin

Brett Kimberlin

Brett Kimberlin

The mystery witness who took a photo of Aaron Walker outside a Howard County, Maryland courtroom last week has been revealed to be serial bomber Brett Kimberlin, according to a comment on the BreitbartUnmasked blog by “Texas Tim”, a frequent commenter that appears to be a fake persona. 

In a comment on the post telling a convoluted story about taking the photo of Mr. Walker, “Texas Tim” says that ‘The Witness’ who was stopped by police is Brett Kimberlin. (emphasis added)

My lawyer friend talked to his buddies at the Howard County Court today and they were all talking about the scene that Walker made today and how they quickly figured that he was nuts. The cops said that Walker tried to mislead them about an “altercation” and that Walker accused Kimberlin of following him and putting a GPS locator on his car.’

Bill Schmalfeldt knew that Brett Kimberlin was the person who took Walker’s photo but Bill Schmalfeldt refused to name Kimberlin. 

This has a number of implications and a number of questions remain.

  • Why was Brett Kimberlin taking photos of Aaron Walker?
  • Why is BreitbartUnmasked publishing them?
  • What is Brett Kimberlin’s relationship with the site BreitbartUnmasked?
  • What was the ‘altercation’ with his Walker’s wife?
  • How would “Texas Tim” know what the police supposedly said to Kimberlin unless he heard it from Kimberlin or was Kimberlin?
  • Is Bill Schmalfeldt being paid by Brett Kimberlin? 


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  1. My question is:
    How did Kimberlin know that Walker was AT the courthouse, so he could TAKE the picture?

    My assumption is that he must have followed Walker there.


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