And It Don’t Stop

Gee whiz! Look at me blogging two days in a row like a big boy. Or journaling, really, I guess.

Went into Albuquerque with the family yesterday afternoon for “shopping in the big city”. Got some fresh bread from House of Bread and some nice vegetables and cheese from the co-op. I had some ribs marinating in Shiner Bock and V-8 juice for about 36 hours and so I smoked them on the grill last night. After dinner and Breaking Bad, I started to feel distinctly unwell. I thought it was going to do some work last night, but I ended up just feeling too bad to do anything.

This morning, I thought was feeling better. So I went down, and did a half-hour on the treadmill. Now I’m sitting here writing this, and I’ve cleared out my e-mail, but you know what? I still feel pretty badly. I have stuff to do with any to call in sick for about an hour or two.

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