Bill Schmalfeldt: Today’s Deleted Tweets About Brett Kimberlin

This is interesting…

Earlier today, Bill Schmalfeldt tweeted that meeting Brett Kimberlin for what he claims is the first time was the ‘high point’ of his day and that he doesn’t care what Kimberlin did in the past.

[note color=”#fefff9″]Don’t forget; what Kimberlin did was to set off eight bombs after allegedly having someone killed who was going to report Kimberlin for suspicion of child molestation. And then Kimberlin set out on a pattern of harassment against anyone who wrote about it as recently as…well, really really recently.  That’s the stuff Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t care about. [/note]

Now, these tweets about Brett Kimberlin appear to be missing.


They were at:

Here’s the section of his timeline now — you’ll see he has a tweet that begins “Seeing the cowardly Aarron Walker…”, which is a weird way to start a sentence.


Here was the original sequence  — you’ll see he cut out the tweet that ended with “The low point?”


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