Breitbart & Me

Thanks to Tommy Christopher at Mediaite for posting this video of Andrew Breitbart and me, in an interview done back in February, 2011. It really reminded me of how much fun Andrew was. Watch me in the video; I’m burying my face in my hands half the time and laughing.

If you’re a Breitbart fan, I think you’ll enjoy these interviews. I’m a different person today then I was in February 2011 and that’s due to Andrew. I loved the guy and I miss him every day. Enjoy…


  1. In light of the threats I saw toward you as “next”, and in light of TC’s close relationship with He Who Shall Not Be Named, and in light of his usefulness to HWSNBN in interviewing sockpuppets who somehow showed him ID to prove their existence during W-gate, I wonder about the timing of this video showing your face to all the world to see. Stay safe and Bravo for your leadership and courage on this.

  2. Just a heads up, 1st and 3rd videos are the same.

  3. It was fun watching the two of you talk with TommyXtopher. His passionate and inspiring speech at CPAC this year was a thing of beauty! We fight on. “Brietbart is Here.”


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