Colorlines Fudges The Facts On Crime & Race. Again.

I’m learning that when it comes to statistics and institutional leftist activist Rinku Sen, you ALWAYS need to check her group’s work. Recently, I reported on the “Drop The I-Word” campaign’s deceptive tactics. All of Sen’s groups seem to be experts at the fine art of lying through statistics. I came across an article on Sen’s Colorlines called Five Myths About Crime in Black America—and the Statistical Truths and wanted to check the statistical truth. Of course, it failed out of the starting gate.

The piece is clear about the political context of the story : the trunmped up Trayvon Martin story. As the article says:

In the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death, we’ve seen a lot of discussion of the larger societal issues that play into how and when people are perceived as criminals. There were hoodies, there were marches, and there were frank talks from parent to child about how to minimize the danger of being a young person of color. On the other side, there were justifications of George Zimmerman’s actions: a smear campaign against Martin’s character, and plenty of writers explaining that statistically, blacks are simply more dangerous to be around.

That framing ignores the realities behind the numbers.

(Emphasis added. Remember those points.)

Let’s look at Myth #1 : Colorlines claims it’s a MYTH that “Black-on-Black crime is uniquely bad.”

They claim the REALITY is  : “Most crimes is committed by people who know each other — it’s as segregated as the rest of America.”

See what they did there? Bad old segregated America, where even crime is segregated. Well, not so much as you’ll see in a minute. 

They mention generic ‘crime’ but the chart they provide shows homicide rates and credits the Bureau of Justice Statistics so I moseyed on over there to take look. Sure enough, they were right! The PERCENTAGES shown are correct. Here’s the chart.

Well. Huh. The people at Colorlines MUST have seen this chart. See that blue line? The one that’s slowly rising? That’s Black on White homicide as a percentage. Why didn’t Colorlines notice that the percentage of black people who kill white people is noticeably higher than the percentage of white people that kill black people? Of course — they DID notice it. They just didn’t mention it to their readers for the obvious reason that it blows their narrative.

More on that in a minute. Back to the ‘Uniquely Bad’ black-on-black thing they call a myth.  When I went to the BoJS page, I noticed a big headline:

Racial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders.

Hmm. That’s sounding unique already.

So the percentages are sort of about the same. However, those percentages don’t really paint the picture of the uniqueness of black-on-black crime.  What about the rates?

In other words, how MANY black people are getting killed? Is that number pretty much the same as the number of white people who are murder victims and died at the hand of a white person? Is the black murder rate about the same the white murder rate in general?

The unpleasant answer :In 2005, homicide victimization rates for blacks were 6 times higher than the rates for whites. Here’s the chart:

SIX TIMES? If the number of black victims was TWICE as high, that would be pretty significant. But six times? Six? I would call that ‘uniquely bad’ but apparently Colorlines doesn’t find such a huge disparity troubling or unique. I’m not sure what number would strike them as high here.

Okay, but what about the number of black people committing murder?

Right. In 2005, offending rates for blacks were more than 7 times higher than the rates for whites. That’s obviously ‘uniquely bad’.

But here comes the number that nobody wants to talk about Colorlines, Al Sharpton, the NAACP and millions of guilty white liberals really don’t want to talk about it because it statistically proves that their entire narrative about young black men being in constant danger from white people is a big, steaming, odious lie. 

Look at the different between the number of murders committed by strangers; the number of white people killing black people they don’t know is minuscule — under 5%. The number of black people killing white people they don’t know is significant. — close to 18% for 2005.


Those numbers from the exact source that Colorlines cites to try and make their case that the black-on-black murder rate is not ‘uniquely bad’.

Who is Colorlines helping by lying so blatantly about the reality of crime statistics? It’s certainly not the black community, who are obviously victims of crimes as well. It’s not people like George Zimmerman, who get caught in a whirlwind of racism charges with no grounding in reality. It’s not town like Sanford, Florida or Jena, Louisiana or Oakland, California that get ripped apart by riots and demonstrations that based on lies.

Who IS Rinku Sen and her myriad institutional left organizations trying to help?

Watch this video and see if you have a guess.

Using statistics in this false way shows a tremendous amount of contempt for Colorline’s readers. It assumes they are too dumb or lazy to look up things for themselves.


  1. Here in NYC where I live, crime has dropped in the past couple of decades. Not just improved policing, but I believe Roe Versus Wade has helped. In other words, women who know they can’t afford to have children or would make poor mothers have a lot of abortions because its extremely hard to get by in the nation’s most expensive cities, and welfare cases are down. So if conservatives want reduction in crime in all races, support Planned Parenthood on birth control and abortion!!!

  2. Just to point out, your statistics for both whites and blacks are wrong. Nowhere does colorline say that under 5% of whites commit murder, or 18% of blacks commit murder. Assuming colorline is right, its under 5 out of 100,000 white people commit murder, and about 18 out of 100,000 black people committed murder.

    Percent is out of 100. So if you say close to 5 of whites have committed murder, that’s nearly 5 out of 100. If you say 18% of blacks have committed murder, that’s 18 out of 100. And those numbers, according to the graph above, are simply wrong. The graph does mention a higher murder rates among blacks, but if you’re talking out of 100,000 people, its not that much higher. And for whatever reason, by 2005, murder rates among blacks are done. Any ideas of why?

  3. The dramatic decrease in violent crimes is most likely due to cell phones. That’s not a conservative stance – I’ve said the same rebutting Giulian’s broken windows theory. As for Roe v Wade, being legal (as slavery once was) doesn’t make it okay. It’s murder, though like the tens of millions Stalin killed, it may not technically count as a crime, and so isn’t accounted for in the statistics. The ones who were given no choice, just killed, are just as dead as someone who would count in our corrupt book keeping.



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