Days Like These

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that these are fairly uncertain days. Lauren is pregnant, we still haven’t found a place to live and money is tight. We also just found out that we’re going to be grandparents; Lauren’s son Steven is expected a baby a few weeks before Lauren is due. That means Steven’s kid will have a younger aunt or uncle after Lauren delivers.

But every day is pretty okay, really. The future is unwritten and unpredictable but the predictable course I was going on wasn’t working a bit.  It was Jack’s birthday today and that worked out well enough, too.

I’ve been keeping busy; here’s a round up…

  • A couple of recent comedy pieces in HuffPost – one a few days ago was featured on the front page and got 100+ comments;
Republican Party Bankrupt; Reorganizes As A Church.
  • Then I just published another Republican attack…of the giggles!

    Researchers Discover Neurological Cause Of Republicans But Cure Is Years Off

  • Started a new BlogTalkRadio show tonight : FX Mogul Radio, a weekly podcast about Visual Effects. First guest was visual effects legend Ron Thornton and we also had a segment with Dave Rand, a Canadian effects artist who was part of a group of animators who weren’t paid for three months by an effects house.

    And I inally uploaded the very last segment of my Kevin Smith interview. It feels weird that the interview is done and all posted. This segment is a weird hodgepodge that includes Kevin saying hi to my kids.

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