Days Roll By

Lauren’s mother came into town on Thursday. it’s the first time we’ve seen her in about five years, and it’s been great. She’s excited to see the baby of course, and Jack and Olivia are thrilled to have her around. It’s also wonderful to finally have a place big enough for her to visit — our two bedroom apartment in Burbank didn’t work well for visits at all.

I wrote a piece on the Huffington Post about the Kevin Smith/Southwest Airlines story.

My new course Six Month Jump is live — it’s a course focused on helping people quit their jobs, based on what I learned from quitting my job. Special intro pricing is still available.

Work continues on the upcoming VFX ¬†Online Town Hall. I expect to have dates announced by Monday or Tuesday, and my friend Harry Sherman has created a really cool poster that I can’t wait to show you.

The one and only Johnny B. Truant and I are also working on a class together that I think will really kick ass. More details on that as they develop; I expected to launch on March 23rd.

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