Dear Senator Craig: Restroom Etiquette

Slate has more than everything you need to know about downlow men’s room hookups. And Senator Craig seems to already know all about this.

Is tapping your foot really code for public sex?

Yes. The signal has been around for decades in the United States and Europe. Generally, one person initiates contact by tapping his foot in a way that’s visible beneath the stall divider. If the second person responds with a similar tap, the initiator moves his foot closer to the other person’s stall. If the other person makes a similar move, the first will inch closer yet again. The pair usually goes through the whole process a few times, just to confirm that the signals aren’t an accident.

Next, one of the men will slide his hand under the divider. This usually means he’s inviting the other person to present himself, as if to say, “Show me what you got.” The partner can respond by kneeling on the floor and presenting his penis or rear end underneath the divider. Or he can swipe his own hand under the divider, as if to say, “You go first.” Some married men make a point of displaying their wedding band (like Sen. Craig allegedly did) to make themselves more alluring.

A roundup of questions about U.S. senators and sex in public bathrooms. – By Christopher Beam – Slate Magazine

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It seems that the extremely anonymous nature of the acts described make them perfect for closeted Republicans.

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