On August 29th, 2008 John McCain made his first major Presidential decision by announcing his choice for Vice President – Governor Sarah Palin

It’s another in a long line of Bush-McCain appointments that aren’t about picking the best person for the job.

Instead, Bush and McCain treat government appointments like a game or a reward for loyalty or a political stunt

But picking qualified people to serve in government matters.

And if you don’t believe it, just remember what happened on August 29th, 2005


  1. She’s more qualified than Obama or Biden.

  2. I want to know why DailyKos allows this diary entry:
    by ArcXIX.
    He alleges that: “Well, Sarah, I’m calling you a liar. And not even a good one. Trig Paxson Van Palin is not your son. He is your grandson. The sooner you come forward with this revelation to the public, the better.”
    AceXIX says the baby is Bristol’s. “Bristol Palin rightfully should be able to embrace her child in public as her own, with no shame, and no quarter. And a mother should be just as accepting.”
    And Lee was banned for a story he got from the National Enquirer. What is AceXIX’s source for his outrageous story?
    (And I support Barack Obama and Joe Biden)

  3. ArcXIX not AceXIX… sorry

  4. It was just reported that Bristol Palin is pregnant. That news was better than a valium.

  5. Marjorie, Too right. Obama is losing now because of his ties to corrupt politicians and terrorists. Dirt and lies are the only hope.

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