“Dr.” John Boyd’s Bizarre Pigford Testimony

I have posted the complete transcript of the Pigford II court transcripts for for your reading pleasure. It’s in three parts; One, Two and Three. If anything jumps out at you, let me know!

Here’s the end part of “Dr.’ John Boyd’s testimony. I described it in a blog post a few weeks ago but you may not have believed me since it sounded so weird. Well, read it for yourself. This is from Part Three on page 114.

And for the issue of fraud. I don’t know one black farmer in America, in America, that didn’t walk into the United States Department of Agriculture and was not treated less than dirt, not one. So when I hear people talk about fraud, let me tell you what fraud is. Fraud was enslaving people. Slavery was fraud. Fraud was sharecropping, when you didn’t pay the person that did the work. That’s fraud. But it is not fraud for a person who is treated less than dirt by the United States Department of Agriculture, wanting to go through that process and not be treated fairly. So that’s what I have to say to the cynics and the critics when I read about those things, Your Honor.

And they put my name on those conservative blogs, where one time I received 40 death threats. And I went out my house, out my door along about midnight – some strange things happen at midnight – and this man said, “John, your cows are out.” And I opened the door, and he had a hood on, Your Honor, and he stuck that rifle in my mouth. And when I began to call around – I don’t know what I wanted to happen, but I called around to the different attorneys and I told them about the death threats, and it’s all this, “Just call the sheriff.”

So I want this court to know today, Your Honor, I put it all on the line for this case. I put it on the line for myfamily. I put it on the line for the Black Farmers. I put it on the line for history. Let’s do the right thing and compensate these farmers. Thank you very much.

Talking about a dude putting a rifle in your mouth seems pretty homoerotic, don’t you think?


  1. So he claims he called the attorneys about a hooded man sticking a gun in his mouth, but he didn’t call the sheriff? Maybe someone should call the sheriff of Baskerville- apparently there is a dangerous klansman nearby.

  2. Oh, I’ve got a call into them, don’t you worry…

  3. OK- we know we’s lying… but for the sake of argument, let’s say we had the chance to challenge this testimony about the shotgun hooded man in the future….

    What are the odds John Boyd’s front door doesn’t have a window or a screen in front of it? Because if someone is knocking on my door at midnight– 1) I’m gonna find out who it is before I open it, and 2) If I see a guy in a hood through the front door window holding a shotgun— I sure as hell ain’t opening the door.


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