Email From National Right To Work Staffer: “Waiting For Mail To Pour In”

Email From National Right To Work Staffer: “Waiting For Mail To Pour In”

An email from 2010 written by National Right to Work staffer Jared Gamble says that he is “waiting for the mail to start poring in” and indicates the direct knowledge and involvement of Iowa state candidates in NRTW’s ¬†secret campaign letter writing, printing and mailing

The email is CC’d to Dimitri Kesari, the employee at National Right to Work who headed up much of the day-to-day operation of the mail program in states like Iowa and Indiana. Gamble worked closely with Kesari; the two shared an apartment in Iowa.

The mail is also CC’d to whistleblower Dennis Fusaro, as well as Chris and Aaron Dorr. The Dorrs are also connected to the Michele Bachmann / Ron Payl 2012 election scandal where around $100,000 was paid illegally to Iowa State Senator¬†Kent Sorenson to jump ship from the Bachmann to the Paul campaign. Published emails revealed that Aaron Dorr negotiated the deal with Paul staffer Jesse Benton. Chris Dorr admitted in an affidavit to taking a mailing list from the computer of a Bachmann staffer. The Dorrs are still actively involved in politics.


I’ll be publishing details of the massive, illegal campaign mailing program in the coming days.



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