Evening Jam: Frampton | Do You Feel Like We Do? | Midnight Special

I’m kicking off a week of clips from The Midnight Special , the late night music show that NBC ran after Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show on Fridays. I’m 46 and people my age or so without strict bedtimes were able to see some pretty amazing music, performed live by some of the top bands of 1970s. This was before VCRs so all you could do was talk about it with your friends at school on Monday; no rewatching.

This first one is ten minutes of gold as Peter Frampton comes alive. That skinny Brit with the girly hair can play that flippin’ guitar though, can’t he? He’s so exuberant and flirty, too. And kids? That “T-Pain” effect that is on every single song nowadays in these modern times? Frampton did it with a guitar. That he could PLAY. Because he was a MUSICIAN.

Go back to 1975. Almost 40 years ago. Does that make you feel like I do?

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  1. My first concert with my wife was 1975 and it was Peter Frampton. I still have Frampton Comes Alive on vinyl.


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