Filmmaker Lee Stranahan Appears On First Episode Of The Blaze TV’s Dana Show To Discuss War On Christianity

Filmmaker Lee Stranahan Appears On First Episode Of The Blaze TV’s Dana Show To Discuss War On Christianity

I’m posting my own press release here because why not?

Lee Stranahan, a reporter and filmmaker who traveled to the Middle East to discover the truth about the war on Christianity being waged by Muslim fighters in countries like Syria will a guest on a brand new show from Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV called The Dana Show, hosted by controversial conservative media personality Dana Loesch. The premiere episode of The Dana Show will air on The Blaze TV at 5pm East, 4pm Central, 3pm Mountain, 2pm West and be available on demand for subscribers.

Stranahan discusses his September trip to Lebanon, where he interviewed Syrian Christian refugees and survivors of religious cleansing attacks by Muslim jihadists. Stranahan says the crisis as one not just for Christians but for Christianity itself in the Middle East. The segment also features some of the dozens of videos and hundreds of photos that Stranahan shot in Beirut.

Stranahan also tells Loesch about effect that covering the story had on him; while working on his documentary The Caliphate, he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior.

“It was an honor to be the very first in-studio guest for this great new show from Dana Loesch and Glenn Beck’s network The Blaze,” said Stranahan. “In both her faith and her politics, Dana is unapologetic, energetic and a breath of fresh air. I’m deeply grateful that we were able to talk about such an important topic as the global war on Christianity. ”

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About Lee Stranahan

Lee Stranahan is a reporter, writer and filmmaker who made a remarkable journey from atheist and left wing activist to widely respected conservative journalist and Christian.

While on the left, Stranahan wrote for The Huffington Post until he became a protégé of the late right wing firebrand Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart described Stranahan as ‘a heroic documentarian’ and said working with him was ‘the enjoyable professional experience of my life.’

As a reporter for Breitbart News, Stranahan covered stories such as Occupy Wall Street, the Trayvon Martin verdict, immigration reform and exposing the institutional left. Stranahan and Breitbart were the featured narrators for the film Occupy Unmasked.

Lee Stranahan lives in Dallas, Texas. He and wife are homeschoolers and have had seven children.

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  1. Great to see you on the program. Wish Dana had time to let you share what you alluded to that resulted in your acceptance of Christ as your Lord and Savior, altho it sounds like your trip to Lebanon was probably enough to do it. I am so glad you are helping to keep Lebanon and Syria in the hearts and prayers of Christians in the US. Bless you for going there. I thank God for your acceptance of Him, I pray that He guards you and your family, as perusing some of your writings, it sounds like you are being threatened. I hope to see you again on Dana with updates and further information.


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