First Day Of My Vacation

It kind of feels like the first day of my vacation even though it really started on Monday. I have the whole week off of work but between court, the church sale, and Lauren getting sick it’s been non-stop action for literally the last week. I took off work early on last Thursday and it hasn’t slowed down since.

Still been getting stuff done around the house, though. Little errands. Printed out a couple of new Postcard X cards but the Pixma  1500 printer seems like it’s dying. The green and blue inks didn’t print but that only made the cards more arty.

The iRiver T30 – still kind of fucked. Seems like one I add Audible content, I can’t add more Yahoo Music Content or I get a licensing error and have to reformat. So, I’m adding a shitload of YME content and hopefully that will be enough.

I’m really exahusted, too.

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