Forget Fantasy. Follow Your Dreams.

I sold my Kindle this part weekend — and I loved my Kindle.

But did I NEED my Kindle? No, not really. I have the Kindle reader on my iPad. And my Droid phone. And Lauren has it on her iPoad Touch. And I have it on the computer, although I hardly ever use it there.

Again — I really love the Kindle. But I didn’t need that extra device. I could tell I didn’t need it since I rarely used it.

But in my head, I could PICTURE myself using it. I could imagine cirucumstances where having the long batter life would be handy. I like how light the Kindle is and I could imagine things I was doing where that would come in handy.

But that’s all fantasy. It was my mind playing tricks on me and justifying the purchase. It was my heart holding onto objects and clutter because of some abstract symbol they meant to me.

But the way I’m feeling now is that many of the objects I own are owning me. They are distractions from what I really should be doing.

Getting rid of the stuff you hate — that’s easy. Getting rid of your fantasies so you can get the clarity to pursure your real dreams is much trickier.

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  1. yeah, that’s why I sold my Play Station 3, woot


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