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A couple of months ago, I left my safe steady job and moved to New Mexico to make films and teach. I’m happy to announce the launch of one of the long term projects that I was planning : a series of films based on progressive economist Dean Baker’s book The Conservative Nanny State. 

Now I’m asking for your help to get this project made. You can contribute or just learn more by clicking the link below.

Dean Baker’s book is exactly the kind of project I love because I think it has the possibility of really changing people’s minds. Many people support the Republican party today because they believe the GOP is pro free market. That’s certainly how conservatives market themselves but nothing could be further from the truth, as these films will show using examples from CEO pay to offshore tax havens.

Thanks for your support…


  1. And the Liberals aren’t super nannyist…I guess it’s just me make believing that I am watching an ever ballooning government which will undoubtibly make many decisions for me on healthcare or on who is worthy of being given money or about a dozen other things. To paraphrase the Incubus song Megalomaniac, “Barrack is no Jesus, or no fucking Elvis” So pull you head up out of your ass and actually look at the facts. Don’t just seek to make a movie that backs up your own crooked agenda, rather why don’t you actually try to “document” something. Documentaries have gone in the shitter since Michael Moore made his various incredibly biased smear films that are not actual documentaries. The last thing the world needs is another guy like that running around. How bout you actually go in search of truth, you know a balanced approach that doesn’t involve you making self propelled propaganda films. The sad thing is, if you actually can make this film and give it a flashy presentation, all your liberal buddies will probably bite hook line and sinker.

  2. Dan is SOOO wrong. Lee should only make propaganda videos. I never laughed so hard – yet got the point – as when I saw Lee’s “Sarah Palin’s Speecher.”


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