Grand Ideas 01 : Johnny B. Truant

Would you like to add a thousand dollars a month income, working from home? That’s enough money to easily replace a full time minimum wage job. It’s enough to cover a good chunk of rent for most people or pay for health insurance. It’s a cool new gadget or nice weekend getaway. It’s not that much money in the scheme of things but it’s enough to make a difference in most people’s lives.

I’ve started a new series of free audio recording called Grand Ideas where I ask people who are making a living working from home what they would do if they had to bring in $1000 a month, starting from scratch.

My first interview is my friend Johnny B. Truant, my partner in the Question The Rules course and a very smart dude. Please visit Johnny’s website to learn more about him.


  1. Good info but I had to stop listening after the second “F” word. 🙁

  2. That’s a simple but useful way from Johnny.

    I respect his genuine approach and not spamming people or cold calling them.

    I think making personal connections via social media and just being “cool” is one of the best ways to attract customers. They follow your tweets, check out your blog – see what you all about, and then already have that emotional bond to you.

    People hire people whom they know and like (and be it through your online presence)


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